JULY 21, 2017

You have this great CD out BELIEVE. Now that the album has been out there for a little bit how do you feel about the finished work?
I'm really proud of that record. I joined the band halfway through as they were working on that record. When I joined and saw what they were working on I thought the whole thing was awesome and was glad to be apart of this. I was able to put some touches on the song SLAVE. The piano parts that you hear are mine. That was really cool. I'm really proud of how we covered a bunch of different bases on that album. We didn't stick to one specific genre. That was cool!

Who all did you guys work with in terms of production?
For the BELIEVE record, we tracked it all ourselves and then it was mixed by JOEY STURGIS and half of it was mixed by two other people - NICK and JOSH.

It's wild that you came in halfway through the process of getting the album made. What was your musical history before this band?
I played in a bunch small bands around Detroit, Michigan. Before I was in this band I was in school. I went to Michigan State and I saw that they were looking for a guitar player so I hit them up and the rest is kind of history.

What was it about this band that made you think that you could be happy as a member of it?
One of the biggest things about this band that I like is that we're all very serious about it. We're all on the same page in terms of the effort we all put into it and the resources and time. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Its nice to have the three of us working at full potential. That really resonated with me. I was really happy with that because the band that I was in before was more about the partying and hanging out . It wasn't a serious thing but this was really cool.

And so far what sort of reactions have you been able to gauge form the release of BELIEVE? Have there been any reactions that have surprised you or that you didn't quite see coming?
Yes. The amount of people that we have had listening to the record and know the songs is pretty mind boggling to me. We've toured the country a couple of times and in every city we play there are at least a couple of people that know the words to some of the songs. That is really surreal for me.

And talk about the other members of the band. tell me who they are and what it is you think each of them brings to the table that makes this thing work?
We have SPENCER and ZAC. Those two and i are the three full time members. ZAC is very common sense and very rational and calm. That is very helpful when we are working through decisions and stuff. He is very relaxed and thinks rationally. He is also a mechanic which is super helpful to us when we are out on the road because our van breaks down every ten feet an he is able to fix it. Without him we would've stopped a bunch tours already because he is able to fix stuff. And of course he is a sick bass player. We just track an EP in December which will hopefully be coming out this year and he finished all of the bass parts in one day and that was pretty incredible. The band is kind of SPENCER's baby and he is the only original member at this point. He's like a first generation, original member. He is also very thoughtful and rational as far as band decision making goes. Because of that we're able to talk things through and decide what we should do for our next step. He is also probably the hardest working person. He lives and breathes this band 24/7. A lot of the things we have we wouldn't have if it wasn't for his dedication and push. The combination of those two guys is pretty strong.

And what was it that got you going musically in the beginning? What made you decide that music was the way to go?
I started taking piano lessons when I was six. Then I heard GREEN DAY and I knew that I wanted to play rock n roll. In middle school I started playing guitar with my friends. I was in marching band and bands all through out my school years and I was exposed to all different kinds of music. Since middle school I remember thinking that this was what I was going to do. Every decision I've made since then has been about following that.


And I see that I'm reaching out to you guys in the mist of a tour. THE BEAUTY AND THE EAST TOUR. How is that going so far?
It's been pretty awesome. The bands that we're on tour with now are really awesome. It's a good mix of music and they're all kind of excelling at their own genre. All of the guys are really nice. We've hung out with all of them for pretty much every night of this tour. We're headlining which is always kind of tough because we're the biggest band on the bill yet we're not that big to start with but the responses form people have been great. The bands are awesome. I have four new CDs to listen too when I get home.

I see that the band POLARITY is going to start playing with you guys tomorrow.
Oh yeah. I got five new CDs to listen to when I get home.

So far have there been any stand out shows from this tour that have happened?
Yeah we played in Bedford, Indiana last Friday and that was an amazing show. We've played there a couple of time and we know the promoter and the people in that area really well. That show that we did there was monstrous. It was incredible. It was floor show which we love because everyone is together in the room and tonight we're playing in Youngstown, Ohio where ALTARIS is from so it will be a hometown show for them. I think that's gonna be a sick show too.

Taking into consideration that you are pretty new to this band, explain the songwriting process within this band. How do you guys go about it?
Past BELIEVE we actually have an EP that we have recorded that our management is shopping to labels right now. So we've actually completed this songwriting process. One person will throw a rough demo up on our SOUNDCLOUD. It'll just be an outline of a song with riffs and then we will take it form there. We start cutting away at the marble and start making a statue. After that SPENCER and I will take it and start doing vocals on the top of it and see how we feel about them and figure out the screaming patterns and the vocal melodies. From there we start adding layers like piano and other instruments. It kind of starts with one person throwing something out there and then everyone adds there thing to it. We're not really like a jam band. We don't jam the thing out and write it. We get an idea down and go from there.

What songs from BELIEVE have you the most excited to get someone to hear and why?
I love the song PROMISES. It's a really good blend of things. It's got a beautiful chorus and some really heavy screaming and that one gets a really good response whenever we play it live. That's always fun. I think people should definitely check out PROMISES.

And from the time that you joined the band up until now what has been the biggest surprise for you?
The biggest surprise is that I keep proving myself wrong. I keep pushing beyond what I thought I could do. I play guitar for this band and I've played drums for a show because the drummer was sick and I do vocals too. This band has helped me to expand as a musician which is really cool and because of that I've been surprised but what I'm able to do.

And what's next for the band musically? You just told me that you guys are shopping around an EP to labels. What can you tell us about this EP?
We have it done. After this tour we may have a tour this Summer but we're not quite sure yet. We're trying to take a break from headlining tours and getting some supporting tours. We are writing to finish a full record and the EP that we are releasing is just the first half. The EP is cool. It's more raw than BELIEVE and it's my first time writing vocals for that band so I'm really excited about that. I can finally have my own spin on things come out. It's got a good mix of music. It's very eclectic. There is some very weird stuff, there is some very catchy stuff and some really heavy and light stuff. To me it doesn't sound like much that is out there right now which is great. I'm very excited to get people to hear it.

And lastly, what would you like for people to come away with after they hear BELIEVE?
After listening I wold like people to feel like they can do something that they want to do. a lot of people see that we've achieved a certain level of success and they ask how we did it. My advice is always to keep going. For the past three years we've had our ups and downs as a band but once you've made the decision that you're just going to do it, it makes everything else easy because you don't have to re-decide whether you're going to do it or not. I always tel people to keep moving forward and keep doing it and I hope that that is what they get from the record. That record is culmination of a lot of peoples inputs.



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