JULY 16, 2017

You guys are a part of the UNDISCOVERED:ROCK compilation that is out there but I notice that your contribution to it is an older song.
Yeah, the track was picked by the guy who actually set up the compilation. It's just one
of the songs from us that he really likes and he requested that we use that for the compilation. Our first choice would've been our new single off of our new release but he thought that OPERATING TABLE would help diversify what the compilation is. It's an older song but we still feel that it's a great song. It was a track that was a little under the radar for us form that album and we always felt that it could've gotten more exposure and this compilation gave us that chance to give that song a little bit more love. We never shot a music video for it and we never really gave it a real push and this compilation gives that song that extra recognition.

The new single from you guys is MONSTER. Why was that song earmarked as the single for the new EP?
It's actually the second single from the EP. For the first single we put out was TELL ME IT'S ALL RIGHT which we put out to radio and we did a lyric video for it. We did a lot of test marketing with different radio stations with all of these tracks. When we wrote the song MONSTER we did so with a video in mind that would highlight what the song was about. So we always had it in mind to shoot a video for this song and turn the whole thing into a single for us.

The EP HEART OF STONE is now out there for everybody to get a listen to and now that it's out there how do you feel about the finished work?
I think it's our best product that we've ever put out. We're super proud of it. As an artist you are always feeling like you can do better and better and that every release is your favorite but I feel like HEART OF STONE really defines our band and where we came from. Sonically the record is a little heavier than our last release and a little deeper. It kind of represents us from our current standpoint.

And who all helped you guys behind the recording console for this EP?
We worked with ERIC ROHM. He produced and engineered the record. He's been an up and coming producer in the past few years. He's really been blowing up on the producer level producing for bands like ISSUES and NEW YEARS DAY. He's also worked with PANIC @ THE DISCO. He worked under JOHN FELDMAN for a while and now he's really a part of our family. We've done two EPs and one album with him so this is the third release that we've done with him. It would be really weird to work with someone else at this point because he is such a big part of our band when it comes to the recording and the songwriting process.


There was the this radio station that I used to do a show for out in Anaheim. There was this other show called THE JAKE LARSEN SHOW and you guys were the guest and you were on this tour that was sponsored by TACO BELL. The host of that show invited me to sit in that day so I was in the room with you guys. That was like ten years ago. I have to say it's very strange to catch up with each other this way.
Yeah we used to work pretty closely with TACO BELL. They gave us this stuff that was like MONOPOLY money for TACO BELL which was in these five dollar increments. They would give us stacks of this stuff every time we would go out on tout and we would be able to eat TACO BELL for free. After three or four tours of eating nothing but TACO BELL I find that when I come home I can't eat the stuff anymore. It's just too much.

Going to my original point, you guys have been around for a while now. Bring me back to the beginning of this whole enterprise. How did this whole thing get started?
The whole band started in Long Island New York. It all started back in 2005 and it took a couple of years to develop our sound. Long Island is kind of a tough market. New York is very similar to LA in that the scene is saturated with bands. There are a lot of good bands and there are a lot of band bands and the only way to really stand out and be that noticeable band is to go out an not play your hometown market but to go out and start touring in markets around the country and then come home every once in a while for your hometown show and make it an event. It really helps to create a big buzz around the band. In 2006 we bought this little mini bus with a trailer and we quit all of our jobs and we saved up enough money to stay on the road for a while. We just started touring and booking our own shows. JENNY and I co-booked a lot of stuff and did about twelve or thirteen US show from New York to LA on our own and it just took off from there. We got a booking agent and then we started getting some bigger tours. For the past seven years we've been on the road for about 250 days a year.

No wonder you're the manager.
Yes. When you first start playing music you learn very quickly that you're going to be
wearing a lot of different hats. It's not like it used to be. As an artist these days you have to have your hand in a little bit of everything these days in order to keep your business and your band afloat.

Talk about the members of the current line up. Tell me who they are and what it is that you think each of them brings to the table that makes this thing work?
JENNY and I are the original members. We were the ones who started this band. MIKE LAROCHE, who is the bass player for the band LANDSDOWNE, is someone that we've been pretty good friends with over the years. We've played shows together and when we did some WARPED TOUR dates he actually came out and helped us on the road with stage managing and tour managing. We got this offer to play the American Airlines Arena in Miami and at that time our then-bass player couldn't do the show. He had personal reasons for why he couldn't do the show which was probably one of the biggest shows of our career in front of 20,000 people in an arena. I called up MIKE and he was the first person to jump on board. From that point on we had realized that MIKE Needs to be in our band. He's just a great dude all around. He's a boss musician, we're great friends and he is also the reason that our drummer
came on board. That was how we got in contact with our current drummer JEFF. When we auditioned him he was really young. He was only twenty-two-years -old and he lived in LA. He is just a tremendous drummer and one of the best dudes you cold ever ask for. On the road it get's crazy living with people in a small vehicle and with MIKE and JEFF, it's a pleasure to hang out with them and go around the country.

Explain the songwriting process in this band. How do you guys go about it?
I do a lot of the pre-production. I have a pro-tools set up and a little mini-studio where I
live. I'm usually insane with the amount of songs that I usually write. For a five song EP
I'll usually write about fifty songs. A lot of the stuff I write is verse chorus stuff with a quantity of options. I tend to write all over the place so we end up compiling all of these song ideas that I have come up with. I work hand in hand with JENNY. We work together on melodies and she writes all the lyrics for the songs. We kind of write songs in this 'broken down' way and then our producer helps us to narrow it down to the best of the best for the particular release that we are working on. In the studio is where the songs will go through their final phase of development. We never go into the studio with full written songs that are 100% done. They are never set in stone. They are raw ideas. The studio is where the real creativity happens.

And from this EP, what songs off of it have you the most excited to get people to hear and why?
The song TELL ME IT'S ALRIGHT is probably my favorite song to play live. It's one of the heaviest songs that we have in our set and there is a lot of school stuff that happens within that song in a live show. It's got a really could sing-a-long chorus and it really translates well into a live situation. Because of that I feel like that song is my particular favorite.

With this EP behind you, what's next for the band musically?
We've started writing for the next album. Our plans this Summer are to go out on a couple of different tours between the Summer and the Fall. When touring wraps up in the Fall we'll be doing a new record. We're going to be writing between touring this year and at the top of January or February of next year we're hoping to have something released. It's a weird time right now where instead of albums, people are just releasing a stream of singles. We might end up releasing a series of singles with music videos. I feel like a lot of songs get lost in the mix with album releases these
days. An album can have a lot of great songs but you end up only pushing about one or two of them. There is only so much time money and effort you can spend on promoting really good songs so i feel like our songs deserve more exposure so we might just end up doing individual releases of songs. We're kind of thinking along those lines but it's still kind offar away.

Twelve years is long time be giving everything you have to a band like this. From the moment this band was started up until now what has been the biggest surprise for you?
On a funny note, I've got to say it's the members that we've been through. On a serious note, I'm blown away by how loyal and dedicated and awesome that people cane be when they become connected to music. Growing up in New York you don't get all of the hospitality that you seem to get everywhere else. It's a totally different mindset form where I grew up. When you start touring, especially throughout the Midwest or the South, there are people that really open their doors to you. The fans have given us so much over the years. They've even opened their doors and given us the key to their houses. They trust us so much simply because they love our songs and they'll let us stay in their houses without them even being home. It's a different mentality. No one in New York would ever do that. We've met some really wonderful people through this whole experience and that has definitely been one of the biggest surprises for me. Our minds have been opened to just how wonderful the human race can be.



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