http://www.rockwired.com/FrontAndCenterClip.jpgThe month of October has always been an important one for ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE. It's the month that we roll out our KICKING AX list but this year, we are coupling it with our FRONT & CENTER list which highlights our publication's favorite front men in rock. For the better part of rock n roll's illustrious history, the music has always benefited from the kinetic energy created between a lead singer and a guitar player. Look at MICK JAGGER and KEITH RICHARDS. Consider ROBERT PLANT and JIMMY PAGE. Or how about ANN and NANCY WILSON? We could go on and on. Sure, the decision to combine both features in one massive issue was due to the fact that ROCKWIRED chose to hold back on our September issue, but form a pure rock n roll stand point, combining a feature on front men with a feature on guitarists seems to make all of the sense in the world. This year's FRONT & CENTER list heavily compliments the list of guitarists in the KICKING AX feature and according to editor-in-chief BRIAN LUSH, it's one of life's happy little accidents. " There is a lot of cross-pollination between the two lists. " says LUSH "But that speaks tot eh chemistry generated by these bands. It's that very chemistry that keeps rock n roll going despite all the times that someone like GENE SIMMONS has declared it dead."

The October issue of ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE will be released October 2, 2017 exclusively through ROCKWIRED.COM.

http://www.rockwired.com/OrangeRoundPic.jpg BRiAN LUSH (FOUNDER, EDiTOR-iN-CHiEF)
Brian Lush is a music industry professional and entrepreneur. In 2005 he launched the online music site Rockwired.com to help promote new music artists in conjunction with the weekly radio show Rockwired Live which aired on KTSTFM.COM from 2005 - 2009. In 2010 He launched the daily podcast series Rockwired Radio Profiles which features exclusive interviews and music. He has also developed and produced the online radio shows Jazzed and Blue - Profiles in Blues and Jazz, Aboriginal Sounds - A Celebration of American Indian and First Nations Music, The Rockwired Rock N Roll Mixtape Show and The Rockwired Artist of the Month Showcase. In 2012, Brian Lush and his company Rockwired Media LLC launched the monthly digital online publication Rockwired Magazine. The magazine attracts over 75,000 readers a month and shows no signs of stopping. Rockwired Magazine also bares the distinction of being the first American Indian-owned rock magazine. Brian Lush is an enrolled member of the Yankton Sioux Tribe. Brian Lush's background in music journalism, radio and podcast hosting, podcast production, web design, publicity, advertising sales, social media and online marketing, strategic editorial planning and branding have all made Rockwired a name that is trusted and respected throughout the independent music industry.

CONTACT BRiAN LUSH AT: djlush@rockwired.com