AUGUST 2, 2017

Being the child of some rather restrictive parents in the Summer of 1987 was a challenge. There were so many fantastic movies that had come out such as ROBOCOP and RUNNING MAN, but the one that got me the most excited was THE LOST BOYS. I was around the same age as the COREYS (HAIM and FELDMAN) and the notion of sexy, leather-clad vampires terrorizing a Southern California coastal community seemed like a new, exciting slant on the vampire sub-genre of horror. Unfortunately for me, the film was rated R and I was forbidden to see such a film but with some slick maneuvering, I got to see the film with a friend and his parents, without my mom and dad ever finding out. All of my expectations for the film were succeeded. The vampires were sexier. KIEFER SUTHERLAND was a most menacing villain, the romance between JASON PATRIC (MICHAEL) and JAMI GERTZ (STAR) was electrifying and the antics of the COREYS struck the perfect balance between fear and laughter.

But what has remained with me the most of that whole cinematic experience was the haunting theme song CRY LITTLE SISTER by G TOM MAC (GERARD MACMAHON) featuring a chilling kid's choir chiming in with "Thou shall not lie!" Thirty years after it's release, THE LOST BOYS has endured as a cult classic and has taken a life of it's own. When asked if he expected the film to have taken on the life that it has when he first read JANIS FISCHER's script, he said: "Not really! I loved the movie and I loved what I read when I wrote the song CRY LITTLE SISTER. It's a great film, but I never thought it would go on to have the life that it has had."

Coinciding with the thirtieth anniversary of the film is G TOM MAC's musical take on the film. In August, he will be releasing the music for his musical adaptation A LOST BOYS STORY. According to MCMAHON, a musical reinterpretation made the most sense. "A few years back, I thought the film could lend itself well to a musical. It has the right balance of humor and horror. It's got all of the right ingredients.  So I started to formulate ideas and come up with a back story that the film didn't have because it was sheer entertainment for what it was. The character of DAVID, the leader of the vampire gang that KIEFER SUTHERLAND played, was a fascinating character and I also felt that the movie had a lot to say about single parenthood with DIANNE WIEST's character. In putting this musical together there were all kinds of thing to play off of here. Over the years I continued to formulate it.   In the last 18 months I completed the songs based on the story for this musical, which in the theater world is called a book."

The forthcoming release is largely a G TOM MAC release but the man has a few tricks up the proverbial sleeve. "I've brought in a couple of surprises but a lot of it is me. I just had a conversation with the marketing at WARNER BROTHERS about TOMMY by THE WHO. That was an album before it became a movie and then was brought tot he stage. HAIRSPRAY was a movie before it became a staged musical and then returned to the screen as a musical. The musical has modern aspects to it but some of it will be rooted in the eighties. It's like AMY WINEHOUSE when she did BACK TO BLACK. She had this modern edge with a retro vibe. That's the vibe that we're going to be going for with A LOST BOY'S STORY. The idea is to get the album out there to get people familiar with the music before this thing makes it to the stage. It's a big job. Right now we're in the last stages of mixing this album."

While the ultimate goal is to bring the story to the stage, MCMAHON makes it clear that there are still obstacles along the way. "It's never smooth sailing. We still have hurdles but they're not bad hurdles. Thank God I've got a good relationship with everyone at WARNER BROTHERS. That's not to say that something could go wrong, though I don't want to be pessimistic.  It's not over until it's over. It could close in 10 days. I've studied musical theater back in the day. Not only do I understand the form, but I've got some insight into the business of it. Right now it's important for me to give the music a chance to breathe and get it into the ears of fans.  I wrote this musical for the fans, but it would be great if it got heard by people who don't know what THE LOST BOYS is ."

A LOST BOY'S STORY takes the story of THE LOST BOYS in an exciting direction with the inclusion of a back story and some rock out show tunes. One moment that has MCMAHON excited is the opening number ONCE UPON, where we meet KEIFER SUTHERLAND's character DAVID as a five year old child in an orphanage in Eastern Europe before being adopted by an American family. The song NEVERLAND MAN punctuates the story of the JASON PATRIC character MICHAEL's search for meaning and self in his new surroundings of Santa Carla. SLEEP ALL DAY PARTY ALL NIGHT is the theme for the vampires and LONG HOT SUMMER serves as the love theme for MICHAEL and STAR.

Part of the roll out for the new album will include a four and a half minute music video. "Three songs from the musical are going to be released in one video." says MCMAHON "It will contain a verse/chorus of ONCE UPON, a verse/chorus of SLEEP ALL DAY /PARTY ALL NIGHT and a verse/chorus of LONG HOT SUMMER.  People will be getting the beginning, the middle and somewhat of the end. I don't want to give too much away. We'll be releasing it on vinyl for the fans. I guess putting out on CD still works but these days it's like 'why bother?" And of course, we're going to be streaming the release."

In our humble opinion, this musical adaptation of THE LOST BOYS sounds like its' got a shot, and in MCMAHON's opinion, it's all about the source material."It was written really well. It didn't take itself too seriously. It was fun but told a really cool story. It just hit the mark and there's no explaining how. The synergy was right. form the directing of JOEL SHUMACHER and the script by JANICE FISCHER  and the cast. All of the components were right."



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