The theme that runs through the band's forthcoming release is that of blues music and the stories that it has had to tell for well over a century, but don't discount this effort as something rootsy or studied. This exploration of the blues utilizes every strength in this band's musical arsenal from VERNON REID's blistering yet nuanced axmanship, singer COREY GLOVER's pyrotechnic, soulful delivery, DOUG WIMBUSH's thumping bass slappage and WILL CALHOUN's thunderous drums. In their examination of the blues everything from ROBERT JOHNSON to NOTORIOUS B.I.G. gets it's due ans the results electrify and resonate. ROCKWIRED had a chance to catch up with COREY GLOVER of LIVING COLOUR and talk about the forthcoming album. Here is how the interview went.

The album SHADE is a month and a half away from being released. Tell me what's going through your head in regard to the pending release. It's been seven years since the last album.
It feels like a dream This has been in the works for a very long time now. It's taken a long time to make this record and get it right. In that time we've tried to be as meticulous as four musicians can possibly be with what we want the record to say. It took a minute to get that working  to not only say what wanted it to say but to play the material with some proficiency  and get the point across every time we do it.


Talk about the inspiration for the album and wanting to use it as an opportunity to examine blues music?
A few years ago, we did a celebration of ROBERT JOHNSON's birth. It was the 100th anniversary of his birth. and the we did this show at the APOLLO THEATER doing ROBERT JOHNSON's music. This was us playing he blues in Harlem. Why couldn't we do that. The blues is why we are all here. It is how and why we do this thing. The emotional outlet that it provides, is why we play this music and as a musical exercise, it is why we are proficient at what we do. We felt it was a good idea to take a look at that. When you make an album, you try to make a through-line in the music that you are doing and we thought that that through-line should be the blues. We figured we wold take a magnifying glass and look at why we do what we do.

And there is so much to this album sonically. You've got almost every kind of modern music here form blues rock metal and hip hop.
We wanted to show that the blues is not a particular thing. In as much as a song like PREACHIN' BLUES is the blues, so is WHO SHOT YA? It's the blues, bolstered by the fact that the person who wrote it lived as he died and put it all on record. If that's not a cautionary tale - if that's not a parable, which is what the blues is, I don't now what is. Songs like WHO SHOT YA? are very prescient right now. Right now! So is COME ON . I think a song like INVISIBLE is very prescient because we are talking about things unseen. Things that are perceived but not seen. Things that are felt but not seen. We deal with that on this album and that song speaks to that idea.

Have their been any reactions to WHO SHOT YA and COME ON that have surprised you or that you didn't quite see coming?
There was this surprise that we would do something like WHO SHOT YA? and that we would even talk about it and that we would turn it around musically in the way that we did. We noticed the reaction to that. It's such a beloved song as well. I think people get it. And then the realization settles in and people are like "Right! Right! Who shot ya!" It gets you thinking about the shooting in Orlando and Sandy Hook or TRAYVON MARTIN or any of these things. Who did that? And why? Whenever we talk about the proliferation of guns, we talk about the right for people to have a gun and that kind of thing. But why? What do you  need it for and why? What do you not need it for? There is a question on both sides as to what is this really all about. For me, it seems like every solution needs a bigger gun. That is often times what I hear. When you listen to people talking , politicians and pundits and regular people on the street, it seems the only way we can stop these problems and issues is with a bigger gun. It's like you need a bigger fist or a bigger force to make changes happen when just the opposite might be the case.

It should be noted that the band is still the same band it has been for the past twenty-six years. Is getting together and making music these days an instinctual thing for you or is it something that you guys still have to work at?
It's work we love doing. It doesn't come easy . It's the price you pay for doing what it is that we do. We make that effort in order for it to become something. Nothing is born fully formed. You take steps to get there. VERNON REID is a virtuoso when it comes to guitar and a songwriter but so is WILL CALHOUN and so is DOUG WIMBISH. DOUG is a virtuoso on the bass and it is evident when you hear us live. You may not hear it on the record , but live, he's amazing as is WILL. These are not simple people who pick instruments and play them. These are studied people who learned through experience and studied what they do. When it comes to playing something that is an emotional thing, we're not coming at it half-cocked.

What other songs off of SHADE have you excited to get people to hear and why?
I want people to hear stuff like TWO SIDES. It's a departure for us. We all know what's in our wheelhouse. I want people to hear INVISIBLE. It says a lot. I want people to hear FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. It's stuff that I think people think about and talk about but never get to hear musically. At least not yet.

What would you like for people to come away with after they hear SHADE?
That it's a good record. That it's a prescient record. That it has something to say and that it's relatable. I feel this album is more relatable than some of our other efforts. That's for sure.



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