JULY 3, 2017

Your live EP THE SEATTLE SESSIONS is an interesting listen. Now that it's out there for everyone to hear, how do you feel about the finished work?
I feel very surprised by it. It brings me back to 2013 when we recorded it, and the songs are different from the ones off of our official LP REVIVAL. It's its own thing. It was recorded in a  couple of days at LONDON BRIDGE STUDIOS and we had a good time with it. It;'s different feel for the songs than we're used to. It's cool to look back and hear how we were playing these songs in 2013. After three years of playing them, it's interesting to to hear how our approach to them has changed.

With the recent passing of CHRIS CORNELL and EP like THE SEATTLE SESSIONS kind of has an eerie resonance.
Yeah. We're I'm actually in Seattle right now. It's been really somber. CHRIS CORNELL was that iconic, legendary singer that I grew up idolizing. It's so odd. It's so weird. When I was on the flight to Seattle the news broke and everyone was just bummed out. It was really surreal. You wake up one morning and look at the news and you find out that CHRIS CORNELL has passed away. It's weird. SEATTLE SESSIONS was done on a whim as we were touring. Seattle has always been that city and place that we've always gravitated toward. It's the history of  the city itself that gets to us, and the history of all of the people that have ever recorded at LONDON BRIDGE STUDIOS and all of the music that was made there.

SOUNDGARDEN predated a lot of what became known as Grunge.
That's true. SOUNDGARDEN  was the first. They were the first big grunge band to come out and they paved the way for the other guys to have success.

Who helped you guys behind the recording console for this EP?
JUSTIN DAVIS, who engineered our last album REVIVAL. We also worked with STEVEN. We met both of them in Seattle during the time that we recorded the self-titled record back in 2011 at LONDON BRIDGE. They were both working there and we really hit it off with those two. They are  our producer and engineer from Seattle and they are both dear friends of ours. JUSTIN is just a crazy mad scientist when it comes to the control board.

Have there been any reactions to this EP that have surprised you or that you didn't see coming?
We haven't quite put out yet. As far as press goes, we've posted a few tweets to get things going. It'll be out on iTUNES and SPOTIFY in the next couple of weeks, but so far, the reactions have been great , from people who have heard it on SOUNDCLOUD. People are digging it and seem to be appreciating the psychedelic feel of these performances.

And one of the stand out performances on this EP is your cover of PEARL JAM's RELEASE. What was the inspiration for covering that song?

It's one of my favorite PEARL JAM songs ever. We were in Seattle and we had covered the song here and there. PEARL JAM's 10 was recorded in that same spot we were in at LONDON BRIDGE STUDIOS, so we decided to record it. The highlight for me with that song was the tour that we did with CANDLEBOX. We toured with them for eight weeks. DAVE KRUSIN, the original PEARL JAM drummer, was the drummer for CANDLEBOX on that tour. During our set he got behind the kit and played RELEASE with the band, several times on that tour. It was a magical thing for me for sure.

How has touring with CANDLEBOX helped the band?
On the first day of the tour, we ran into the TEMPLE AGENTS who are friends of ours from Chile. They were opening up that tour in Nashville. When we got to Nashville, we were excited to be on the tour with CANDLEBOX. My inner twelve-year-old self was like "What the fuck? Pinch me!" When we met up with TEMPLE AGENTS in NASHVILLE, it was this bog blow out that night. Then we hit the road. We've toured CANDLEBOX twice . The first time I toured with them I was a fanboy. It's weird to be in the presence of those guys, but after a couple of shows and a couple of beers and hanging out, those guys are family to us now. We love those guys. They are incredible people and incredible musicians and very gracious.

Bring me back to the beginning of LULLWATER. How did this whole thing get off the ground?
This was a band that we stated in college. At the time, Athens, Georgia had a vibrant live scene and the bars had live music all the time. We started jamming out in this mildew-ridden basement. The former drummer started the band and then I came and took it over. We did cover shows. We would do a three hour set at local bars and from that we were able to pay our rent. We would be doing shows four to five nights a week.  Form there we took it to another direction. We wanted to do original music so we put out a few demos. Thy weren't great, but it was a start. Like every band, you go through members here and there. Eventually we decided to go to Seattle to do a legit record.

What was your musical experience before LULLWATER?
I've been in bands ever since high school. I've been in a  band all throughout high school. I took a break from music for a little while but I got back in once I was in college. My influences were always the hard rock bands coming out of Seattle in the late eighties and early nineties. It was the most influential era of rock for me. That was something I brought with me to this band.

Talk about the other members of the band. Tell me who they are and what it is you think that  they bring to the table that makes this thing work?
JOE WILSON is our drummer and he is an animal in our live show. He brings a huge element of high energy and creativity. He's KEITH MOON. He's got his own thing and he makes the music more solid and powerful. He's just a killer drummer. ROY is our bass player and I can't say enough about him. He is one of the best bass players and backing vocalists. His bass riffs are killer. All of the things I can't do are things that he brings tot he table. He's a great songwriter as well. DANIEL is our new guitar player. He and I did a side project not too long ago. When the former guitar player left DANIEL was like a light bulb. He's an incredible player and I'm excited to have him put his mark on future records.

And explain the songwriting process. How does that happen within this band?
It varies. We rely on each other to bring out the best in a song. I'll come up with a riff or a song idea and as a band we'll jam on it. In rehearsal the song can change. We go through all of the moves. pushes and pulls until we get it right. We try to get the song the best we can make it. For the most part I bring vocals, lyrics and melodies, but everyone writes. Everyone has their own input in every song. What I love about this band . It's not an ego thing where I'm the primary songwriter. We all respect each other as musicians. We know that whatever we bring to the table is to help the music along. It just works out.

What songs off of the EP have you the most excited to get someone to hear and why?
I would say RELEASE for sure. I love FORGOTTEN NAME on this recording. It's an eight minute jam on this EP. We wanted more time to experiment with the songs on this EP and BROKEN WINGS and FORGOTTEN NAME are a testament to that. We just got in the studio and jammed. It all happened organically.

What have you learned from touring with bands like CANDLEBOX and THEORY OF A DEADMAN?
I learned that you have to be honest with yourself when you're out on the rod. You have to rely on everyone to get out there and work. We've done some great tours with very professional musicians, tour managers and production managers. Because of that we've become a tighter touring band instead of the having this laissez faire approach. We give our best and do our best on stage and try to keep the machine running. Touring is a monster. If you're not with a good group of people , you're going to have some problems.

What would you like for people to come away with after they hear SEATTLE SESSIONS?
The EP was just something that we had been sitting on for a long time. We've had these songs since 2013 and I feel it shows  a different sound for us. I hope people walk away appreciating the experimental side of what we do. If someone comes back liking it, then I'm happy.



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