AUGUST 29, 2017

The 62nd  issue of ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE  will be delivering a knock out rock n roll punch by combining two special features in one spectacular issue. KICKING AX and FRONT & CENTER have always been trademark features of our publication. This year they will occupy the same issue. This man-sized issue will also feature an article on the Men's Rights Movement, a retrospective of the bodybuilding documentary PUMPING IRON and a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming documentary METAL MISSIONARIES!!!
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ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE has been ambitious in the past, but we've never had plans this big before. Perhaps that goes with the  territory of being a publication on the rise. After five years of being in operation, perhaps it just makes sense to try something new and  exciting. Just check out the cover  for the upcoming Ocotber 2017 issue! In all honesty, we have no idea why we chose to illustrate the bands that will be featured in this upcoming issue , but it seems to speak volumes of our publication's desire to shake things up slightly.  Our August 2017 issue arrived late and as a result, there will be no September issue, but we will be making up for that in October with some heavy hitters. BOBAFLEX  is a band that has come to symbolize rock n roll's recklessness and undying spirit in a world where you have curmudgeons such as  GENE SIMMONS ringing the deathknell. For over a decade now, the band has played to audiences in the tens of thousands throughout the United States and Europe and have built a dedicated following on the strength of their electrifying live sets and a series of albums  that walk line between hard and heavy rock n roll and shock. Their latest album ELOQUENT DEMONS just may be the best yet from these committed road dogs. MILITIA VOX has made a name for herself as the vocalist for the all-female JUDAS PRIEST tribute band JUDAS PRIESTESS, but ROCKWIRED got to know her as pyrotechnic metal vocalist in her own right a couple of years ago when she released her double album THE BAIT and THE VILLIANESS. Now she has released a new single and video  NYCTOPHILIA - a moody, gothic piece that plays like a modern day re-telling of WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE. Like BOBAFLEX, ZEROKING is a band that has made rock n roll their life's work, and now the band is on the verge of releasing their forthcoming album EMPIRE OF SIN, which has been preceded by the single BOOM. No one can deny singer-songwriter NICK COYLE's commitment to rock n roll. Whether it was as the front man for LIFER and STARDOG CHAMPION or as a solo artist, COYLE has delivered the artistic goods time and time again and is about to show us what he's made of with his new album COLD.

In addition to the musical reportage that people have come to expect from ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE, we are expanding as a publication to include pieces that reflect what is happening in society and pop culture. In this issue we present:

http://www.rockwired.com/KarenStraughan.jpgSTAND BY YOUR MEN!!!
Any mention of the MEN'S RIGHT MOVEMENT and it's founder WARREN FARRELL has often been met with nuclear response from feminists and accusations of belly aching from folks who simply may not be in the know, but recently, the movement has been picking up steam throughout the social media blogosphere and college campuses. Perhaps the most curious thing about this phenomenon is who is speaking up - women. One of those women is KAREN STRAUGHAN who has been speaking on the issue of Men's Rights for years on campuses throughout North America and her own blog. In this issue, we will be profiling STRAUGHAN, JANICE FIAMENGO and other female men's rights activists .

http://www.rockwired.com/PumpingIron.jpgPUMPiNG iRON - 40TH ANNiVERSARY
We did say that this was a man-sized issue. Well, it had dawned on us that not only is this year the 40th anniversary of STAR WARS, but this year also marks the 40th anniversary of the GEORGE BUTLER documentary film PUMPING IRON. Sure, it didn't have the budget of a sci-fi spectacle like STAR WARS, but nevertheless, the documentary was a pop cultural phenomenon that brought bodybuilding into the mainstream, re-defined masculinity and made a star out of ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER. Yes, this documentary signaled the rise of a pop culture icon and forty years after it's theatrical release, the film still manages to resonate. ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE plans to have a little fun with this retrospective piece.

In coming up with our editorial calendar for the remainder of the year, one of the stories that we wanted to do as a feature  was  a piece on Christian rock.  So you can imagine our delight when we received some press materials on an upcoming documentary film called METAL MISSIONARIES which profiles some of Christian music's most extreme artists.  The documentary
incorporates live concert footage, one on one interviews with band members (secular and non-secular) as well as archive footage and off camera narration. The film transports the viewers back stage behind the scenes on order to get an in-depth look into the hearts and minds of extreme Christian metal musicians from unsigned bands traversing the globe in vans to major label acts riding in luxury buses the messages are the same.

In addition to these features, the october issue of ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE will also feature twoof our most revered editorial spreads. The First is KICKING AX in whcih we as a publication give it up for our favorite acitve rock guitarists and FRONT AND CENTER where we drop the mic for our favorite front men on the scene.  Our lists were selected with great care and when the issue drops on Ocotber 2, 2017 you will be able to read why these fellas were selected.


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