AUGUST 27, 2017


The album HORIZON sounds like it was a long time coming. You released your first single in 2015 and now it's 2017. What's all going through your head regarding this upcoming release?
We're amazed with it. We had such an amazing time recording it. As band we're all really good friends so the whole recording process was very smooth.  We hate this kind of over-produced kind of stuff. We wanted to do something that was really raw and rough and I think that we got it. We're very excited with it and we can't wait to get people to listen to it and enjoy it.

And when you say "raw sound" are you inferring that you guys produced this yourself or did someone help you behind the recording console?
We did everything by ourselves. I have a recording studio here in Brazil so we took our time in putting these songs together. The whole process of putting this album together was amazing. It was the sort of experience that you couldn't have if we had to pay for the studio time. You know what I mean? This was all done on our own time. So, we're very happy with the results.

So far, understanding that the album isn't going to be out until July 14th, what sort of responses have you heard form people close to you guys?
We've sent the album to people to review and the reviews are coming out great. We were super excited to wait for the first one and that first review gave us five out of five. And the three or four reviews that came after it have said some great things about the album. As for our friends, everyone was really excited about the album. Everybody is cheering for us and everybody is supporting us. We really can't wait for everyone to start listening. It's going to be amazing.

When you think of Sao Paulo, metal music doesn't come o mind. What kind of scene are you surrounded by in Sao Paulo. Is it supportive? Is it indifferent? You tell me.
It's not at all supportive. 10% of the population here listened to rock music. And out of that you've 3% of the population who really digs the heavier side of rock music. It's very hard here. The scenario is not a great one. Despite that, we have some great places to play but since we've been in the studio and laying down the tacks for this album we've been focusing our attention on exporting what we have to the United States and Europe. It's all about us wanting to get out there because here we have our own kind of country music which sucks and a bunch of noisy dance music. It's just horrible, man!

EDM seems to be everywhere but do you feel that it's less prevalent in Europe?
The EDM here is crazy. It's crazy! And people go crazy with it and people support it and buy stuff. With rock it's completely different.

It always makes me curious when I go out and I see a guy playing records instead of a band.
Yeah, it's just some crazy stuff that I can't comprehend.

So I can imagine that coming up the States would be a breath of fresh air for you guys.
It is. I was in Los Angeles for seven years with my ex-band and we toured all over the United States and it was amazing. But for this band, it will be there first time touring the States. They are super excited. We're always talking to each other about the details and stuff. We're going to be heading up to the States in September and we're going to play Los Angeles and then we're going to play San Francisco, San Diego, Fresno and Santa Barbara.  And then were' going to be going to Vegas. It's going to be amazing. We can't wait to be there because rock is something that belongs to you guys.

Bring me back to eh beginning of OWL COMPANY. How did this whole thing get started?
I was living in Los Angeles and I was getting back in touch with my friend FELIPE who is currently the guitar player for OWL COMPANY. I was coming u with these musical ideas and I would send them through SKYPE to him. He was living in Sao Paulo. He told me that he thought we had something and that we should try to do something with it. We came up with these rough ideas and these rough mixes of these songs that we had. That was how this whole thing started out. I was in Los Angeles and he was here. After a while I came back here to Brazil in 2014 and he and I started a band. It was a natural course for us. It was pretty cool.

What was your musical history? How did music become an interest for you?
I was thirteen years old when my father bought me my first acoustic guitar. And I've got to be honest with you, I suck at playing guitar. I know how to play the chords and stuff but I suck at it. I was thirteen years old and I was trying learn these ALICE IN CHAINS songs. For me they are one of the best bands of all time. I love them. In doing that I realized that I could sing. I felt like I could definitely start something here. So when I was fourteen or fifteen I put together my first band with some friends form my neighborhood and after that. I didn't stop. I never stop when it comes to music. I just kept working and writing and composing. I've dedicated my whole life to music and I've got no regrets. I love music and I love what I do.

Talk about the other members of the band. Tel me who they are and what it is that you think each of them brings to he table that makes this thing work.
FABIO is the bass player. In fact, he's a super guitar player and bass player. He's got some very simple yet amazing ideas. He studied at the MUSICIAN'S INSTITUTE in Los Angeles. And then you have THIAGO on drums. He's probably played with everyone here in Brazil. He has this super tight sound and so good to play with him. And then you have FELIPE. He is the guy who comes up with most of the riffs. We've known each other for a really long time. I think the kinship among the four of us is really cool.

What inspired the songs on HORIZON?
My father was born in 1926 and he lived through the Second World War and all  of the songs on this album are based on the stories that he used to tell me about the war so the subject matter is very personal but at the same time it is the point of view of someone who was there and living that experience day by day.  It's such a  sad story but still, it something that is very rich. He's still alive. He's 91 years old. All of the songs are based on his personal experiences.

And how does the songwriting happen within this band?
I'll have an idea for a riff as does FELIPE. He's always got some great ideas. When we get together we start showing off our ideas to each other and then I'll get to thinking that we can start with this and then try that. Once that is done, we start composing with the band. It starts with an idea and then we start playing it to see how it sounds.

What songs off of HORIZON have you the most excited to get people to hear and why?
I'd have to say that one of those songs would have to be RIDDLE because the lyrics are based on personal experiences. Another song would be CELEBRATE ANEW which is the second song on the album. These two songs are special to me because of the stories. The whole album, from beginning, middle and end, tells a story. Like a concept album. Every song on the album is important.

On your upcoming tour are there any dates that you are looking forward to?
I can't wait to play the VIPER ROOM again. I played there with my ex-band about three or four times.  I can't wait. It's the best place to play. The venue isn't very big but the sound is amazing.

With the album behind you, what's next for you musically?
We're already writing new stuff.  For our second album we want to work with an American producer . We want this new album to have a different ideas and a different concept.  We've got seven songs for this next album  and but the end of next year we want to start recording it. But first we want to find the right producer. It's going to be a different album with a different point of view.

What would you like for people to come away with after they hear the album HORIZON?
To be a s excited as we are. The album has this heavy, raw kind of sound  but it gives you hope. I think people will dig it. We've put a lot of hard work into it.



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