http://www.rockwired.com/footstomp.jpgSEPTEMBER 7, 2017 - We are two shows into the run of our new podcast series ROCK SHOW and I feel like we've  found ourselves. I'd say "finally", but that implies that it was a long, long search. As you make your way through this new episode,  you're going to hear something signature. You are going to hear a stream of consciousness coming through the speakers salted and peppered with  some hard rocking tunes from the likes of BOBAFLEX, ZEROKING, MILITIA VOX, EDGE OF PARADISE and others. In the same way that ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE is taking on more challenging story ideas outside of music, our new podcast is going to be a reflection of the times that we're living in and and provide a humorous look at what is going on in the world and withing the walls of ROCKWIRED MEDIA. In this episode alone we discuss the stories that we're working on for the upcoming October issue which include a 40th anniversary retrospective of the documentary classic PUMPING IRON, which made ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER an icon, re-defined masculinity and made the sport of Bodybuilding not seem so fringe-y.  We will also be discussing a story that we're working on for the upcoming issue on the MEN'S RIGHTS MOVEMENT and the women who have take center stage. In this show you will hear interview excerpts with the movements two leading women KAREN STRAUGHAN and JANICE FIAMENGO. Outside of the goings on with ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE, the show will touch on what has been happening in the news lately, particularly with BURNING MAN and the story of JOEL OSTEEN closing the doors of his megachurch to people suffering from the flooding in Houston.

A new BOBAFLEX release is always something to celebrate and their new album ELOQUENT DEMONS has got to be the band's greatest effort yet and it gets the proper kick off with this blistering single and music video which  gives a nod to QUEEN's BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY.

Listening back tot he podcast we have realized that we have announced the wrong song. We announce it as TIN MAN but in fact it the song TUESDAY. This probably isn't the best way to celebrate ROCKWIRED.COM's newest ARTIST OF THE MONTH. Read more here

It's been a while since we've heard anything from these guys but their new album THE EMPIRE OF SIN is not all that far way. They wouldn't be on the cover of our upcoming issue if it weren't. No real official release of a single yet. All we've got is the song WORDS and it gives a pretty good indication of where these guys are at and it's pretty damned exciting.

MILITIA VOX has made a name for herself as the vocalist for the all-female JUDAS PRIEST tribute band JUDAS PRIESTESS, but ROCKWIRED got to know her as pyrotechnic metal vocalist in her own right a couple of years ago when she released her double album THE BAIT and THE VILLIANESS. Now she has released a new single and video  NYCTOPHILIA - a moody, gothic piece that plays like a modern day re-telling of WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE.


STATION is in the midst of putting the finishing touches on a follow up LP but currently the band has released the single and music video ALL YOU NEED IS A HEARTBEAT. The JOURNEY-esque rocker pulsates with the sort of joie de vivre that's been absent from active rock and mainstream rock for decades.

We could say something about the band VAJRA but we'll leave that to the band's front woman ANNAMARIA PINNA.
"Our music is not straight ahead rock n roll so we try to create an experience where we can connect with an audience in a deeper way. It's not just about rocking out. You can rock out but we try to have that other space where we can create. That is the thread that keeps us going."

We had to dig back into our  archives to find this quote from DAVE BATES, the lead guitarist of EDGE OF PARADISE. Here is what he had to say about the band's lead singer MARGARITA MONET. "She definitely owns it. We've been moving further up the food chain little by little. I think it's a good thing. She's more confident in what she's doing. It's a much more theatrical direction that she's moving in which is cool. We've been fortunate to get people to do the video for us and now we've got three videos for this new CD which is cool."


JIM WOOD of DISHWALLA had this say about the band's new album JUNIPER ROAD. "Every time we have a new album, it's always my favorite. But standing apart from all of that, JUNIPER ROAD in by far my favorite album of ours. When we finished it I couldn't listen to any of it for  a month. I just couldn't hear it for what it was at all. After about a month, I started listening to it and it's the first DISHWALLA album that I play over and over again. It's in the CD player of  my truck and I rock out to it when I'm driving around. I haven't done that with any DISHWALLA record, ever.

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