ROCKWIRED had a chance to speak with guitarist CHRIS LANE regarding the new single and hints of what people can expect form their forthcoming album. Here is how the interview went.

How do you feel about the press and the positive reaction to the new single ALL YOU NEED IS A HEARTBEAT and the music video?
We've had this song for a while. I've always liked it and I'm just happy that it's out. People seem to like it as well. It's been on our live set for a while. When we decided to release the song we knew that the people who are STATION fans were going to know it. And now, they have a recorded version of it. The reaction to the song and the video has been great. It's been a while since we released new music and we were very nervous about it. Every time we release something new, it's a brand new day. You hope that people will care and we've been very, very fortunate to have people care. It's been a nice experience."

I've followed you guys since your first EP WIRED and now you guys are doing shows across the Untied States. How does that change a band such as yours?
One thing that has changed in this band is this sense of what I would call "band security". When we released the previous album, we had it recorded a year before we released it. That was in 2014. The band's first show was in 2011. Not a lot of time between those two things. We had played shows out and around New York and beyond but it was mostly three-day weekend styled shows.  in New England or in the Mid-Atlantic area. Nothing that crazy. When we released the first album, we had that mentality of "...hope this works, because I don't know if we can afford to be a band anymore." Since that release, we've toured very extensively throughout the United States. We've reached a lot of new people. We're still a small scale group but at the same time, we've reached a level where we've built up a certain level of security. Now we can do this and it's not a trial and error thing anymore. It's like "How can we build more?"  It's an interesting and new place to be. It's nice because we can focus on different things.

And who all helped you guys behind the camera for the music video for ALL YOU NEED IS A HEARTBEAT?
We worked with a guy named IGOR PATRICK. I love music videos, personally. Outside of music and guitar playing, I like coming up with concepts for the music videos. We got together with IGOR and talked about doing a stark black and white video with pieces of color in it. We filmed it in an ice rink and in order to film it the way we had been talking about, we needed something in color to saturate. IGOR suggested coloring something on us. PAT went out and got a red shirt. I had my guitar and I borrowed my girlfriend's sunglasses and our drummer had tattoos. It was an on-the-spot decision and I think it came out looking really cool.


And this single is preceding a new album, right?
We're still working on the new album. We expect to have it out at the top of next year, around March or so. But we've got more music to release before that even happens. I don't think ...HEARTBEAT is even going to be on the album. We've recorded several standalone singles That's going to hold us through until we release the full length album. We're working with the same people who worked on the first album. In addition, we're working with another studio called TONE HOUSE STUDIOS on Long Island. So it's a combination of the two studios and us.

And how are you guys feeling about the new album so far?
We all love it. It's exciting because every time we do something, it opens up a new door. When we released the first album, we got to go on tour that was more than three days. Two months ago, we were out for 17 days. So we;re left wondering what's going to happen after we release this new album and what we're going to be able to do. The greatest thing for us is to play onstage for new people. We've had some great experiences in markets that we thought we would never visit, being an independent band. When that happens, we're like, "Oh my God! What's next?" It's very cool!

Since I last interviewed you guys, you've got two new members. You've got TONY BAPTIST on drums and EMI ASTA on bass. Tell me who they are and what it is that you think each of them brings to the table.
TONY is a funny one. He's been in the band on and off for a very long time. He was the drummer we wold go to when we were between drummers.  He's been around since 2014 or maybe even longer than that. TONY is a professional drummer . He's worked for a lot of groups for touring. We love TONY. He is one of my closest friends. He's a great guy and a great drummer. For the longest time we were like "Dude, you've got to join the band and not just be a fill in." It just worked out that he had nothing going on. Our schedules worked out . He has a lot of the same goals and interests as we do.  So, TONY came in and it's a pleasure having him. EMI joined the band  about a year and nine months ago, MIKE, our original bass player, left the band because the touring schedule became too much. He left on good terms. He was very honest and he loved doing it. He just couldn't do it at that frequency or level.  When MIKE left, we had a rhythm guitarist that we use for shows who told us about EMI. He knew EMI's manager and he introduced us. It was a great! We met this guy who is an incredible musician. He's an amazing bass player and he's also an amazing guitar player.  He's also an amazing singer and he's just a really good fit for the band. He's got the exact same mindset as we do. He understands what we want. It was a very easy transition.

You guys really seem to stand out by a mile form everything that is out there and I can imagine you guys doing so on the New York music scene. Have you noticed any up and coming bands taking inspiration form you guys?
What's weird about New York City is that there is no scene. There are certain bands that are more visible than others and we are one of the bands that re slightly more visible. Later this month, we're going to be headlining the GRAMERCY THEATER, which is a big deal for us. It's a big venue in New York. We started out doing 60 person venues and now we're doing a 600 person venue. So we can see that things are moving forward.  We get a lot of comparisons with 80's bands. We get called hair metal and stuff like that but we don't necessarily feel that way. We're more classic rock. Our sound is closer to JOURNEY than it is POISON. I don't care. Compare us to whatever. If you like what we're doing, it doesn't matter to me what you say we're like. But as we get into new markets. we are meeting bands that are newer and a lot of them are taking that POISON-y approach. It's not bad or good.  It's different because I thought it would've gone the other way , especially with the backlash of everyone poo-pooing 80's culture, but people seem to revel in the fact that it's not cool and they run with it. That's been our thing for the longest time. We enjoy playing a sound that people think is uncool, but when they hear it they like it. What does that say?

What can you tell us about the forthcoming album? What can people expect?
The new album is going to show a lot of growth. The biggest thing for me is this. We've done two recordings prior. We've been recording in studios and we understand what it means to record a song. When you write a song, you think of the parts that you need on stage. You've got five guys with with five parts and you go into the studio and you record it. Now, we're using the studio as an instrument. This is giving us the chance to dive into the  really interesting things that we like about the music that we hear in our head. A song can meet all of the things on the checklist but what if we gave it something extra. We're trying to craft something as opposed to giving a performance of a bunch of songs that we like. It's more of an experience because now we're able to add so much to it.



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