AUGUST 25, 2017

http://www.rockwired.com/waylandintro.jpgThe new single is amazing and the news of a new album is exciting. This is the first time you  guys have released a collection of music since the beginning. You guys had been focusing on singles only.
Yeah, we're very proud of the album. We were working on singles for a while. We were building our fan base in that way and also by doing a lot of touring. Each single we released would bring us around the country twice. We were using that opportunity to develop ourselves as a band on the road, being on different stages every night. We were on the road for 250 nights a year for the last five years. After all of that we finally felt like it was time for a full length album. Even though that's really not the thing to do int he industry right now, but we're kind of purists when it comes to traditional rock n roll. All of our idols like THE STONES and ZEPPELIN and even THE FOO FIGHTERS are still putting out full length records. We also felt like all of our fans deserved a collection of music and more importantly we wanted to have it. We wanted to have fourteen songs on an album.

I kind of see the pendulum swinging back toward releasing LPs right now.
Whats cool about music right now is that every artist or band has there choice as to how they want to go about it. You can go for a physical copy or you can do a download or simply release the thing on YOUTUBE. You can choose how you want to do it and I think that's really great. Every kind of format or model is out the window right now. It's really up tot eh artist to decide how they want to connect to their fan base.

When the album RISE AND REPEAT comes out it will be put out by MIGHTY LOUD/IN GROOVE. Talk about these new people that you're working with.
We feel really lucky to have great team around us this time. On the management end we have THERMAL ENTERTAINMENT who are team of people that we've worked with and over the years we have watched their company grow in the last five years since we've started touring. They've been really good friends to us. It's truly a group of people that have the band's best interests at heart and they've proven that over and over again for the past five years when they weren't officially working with us. We've been waiting for the right opportunity to start working together. We have THERMAL ENTERTAINMENT along with JESSE JAMES DUPREE from JACKYL who has been like big brother to us for the past five or six years. He's been a mentor to us. He is officially on board as a part of our management team along with MARK ABRAMSON who is the VP of ROAD RUNNER RECORDS. MARK is the biggest  rock n roll fan that I know. He is so passionate about music and he has so much knowledge because he's worked with some of the biggest bands in rock. He is the guy who brought NICKELBACK to radio. It's an honor to be working alongside all of these great people.   

How is this different from working with previous teams in the past?
We've never had a team. It's always been us. Everything that we've  done up to this point has just been the band on it's own. We've had JESSE DUPREE as a mentor who guided us through the beginning stages of our career. He was there to tell us to go back and write more songs and to go back and rewrite songs and to stay on the road and keep pushing. He really put us through this old school artist development stage that no one is really doing anymore. We never had a piece of paper signed and he never took a commission or anything like that. He was just always there, like a friend.  It's pretty amazing because that doesn't happen anymore. This whole team of people we have now are all people that have proven themselves to us over the years. It's a crazy thought to have a whole team around you of people that truly want what is best for the band. That's the best part about this team.  We put our first EP WELCOME TO MY HEAD out on IRONWORKS which was JUDE COLE and KIEFER SUTHERLAND's label but that label had dissolved as they had put our record out and then they had stopped doing what they were doing. That was when we met JESSE and he took us under his wing.

What has inspired the songs on RINSE AND REPEAT? What has inspired the songwriting this time around?
If you look at the word 'record', we're not talking about a black piece of vinyl.  It's a record of our lives so what you're getting is the lessons that we've learned and the stories that we have to tell and the ay of life that we have developed and adapted to. Nothing changes for us. Who we are onstage is who we are offstage. The things I say to you right now are the things that I say to our band members. We really live this lifestyle through and through. We're very proud of the brotherhood that we represent.

And why was THROUGH THE FIRE earmarked as the single?
That was one of the first songs that w wrote for the record. It was one of the first songs that we recorded with JUSTIN RYMER in Memphis. We had toured out of Memphis for about a year. We would go out on tour for a couple of weeks and go record for four days and the tour again for a couple of weeks and then go write for a week. That was how we went about it. ZACK MYERS from SHINEDOWN was a huge help. He lent us guitars and amps and things like that. He even played on the record for a little bit. JUSTIN RYMER came in and helped us to find what we wanted this thing to sound like. It made us a band in a way that we never really had been. THROUGH THE FIRE was the first song that defined the sonic landscape of the record. If you listen to that song, there aren't a lot of bells and whistles and crap. It's just four guys playing a good song that they wrote. It sounds exactly like our band. That is my favorite part about it. That's why it was the perfect song to represent this album. This is exactly how WAYLAND sounds. Here it is.

And since you bring up the band, how is everyone holding up? It looks like you guys have a new drummer?
We do. NIGEL DUPREE is our new drummer. He came out on the road with us in January of 2016 as my guitar tech. We've known him for years. he's been like a brother to us for a long time. He had his own band that whom we had done shows with. When his band was finished he didn't know what he was going ot do next so he started hanging out with us and we had some much fun. We thought that we needed to get this guy in the band. He's such a talented dude.  We put him in the band playing back up guitar and singing harmony and playing keyboards as an auxiliary player. He was the perfect fit and when it came time to look for a drummer he was like "Guys, I got this!" Turns out he had studied drums for his entire childhood. I had no idea that he could play drums. January 13th was ou r first show of that year in Peoria Illinois and he got on the drum kit with no band practice and it was a match made in heaven. By the fourth show, we were a better band than we had ever been. When the tour ended we wen back to Memphis at COCK OF THE WALK STUDIOS and NIGEL recorded all of the drum parts for the album in four days.

From the time of your first EP up until now, how do you feel the songwriting has changed, if at all?
It's changed a lot. It's like someone took a crowbar and cracked open our souls in a  way. We're not afraid to write from a personal place. We used to touch on that but we weren't really comfortable with that. A song like WELCOME TO MY HEAD is not a very personal song. NOBODY'S PERFECT is not a very personal song. They're fun rock n roll songs  and they sound good and work well, but at that point in our lives we were learning about crafting a song. Now we've taken songwriting to a  personal place. What's cool about the album RINSE AND REPEAT is that there are no boundaries. There are acoustic songs. There are hard rock songs. The music in this album is like a journey.  We didn't have any boundaries with the songwriting this time.

Outside of the single, are there any songs on the forthcoming album that have you particularly excited to hear and why?
There is a song called GHOST. We share songwriting credit with BRENT SMITH from SHINEDOWN. We rewrote one of our favorite songs called SHOPPING FOR A SAVIOUR. We always felt that that song needed a revamping. This is our work and these are our songs and we wanted to re-write it so we did it. So far that song has been getting a great response. There is one song specifically that the whole band is really proud of .  It's one of the last songs we wrote and recorded for the record with JUSTIN called FROM THE OTHER SIDE. MITCH (lead singer) had just experienced a death in his life. It was his choir director. Her name was RITA.  She was a big musical influence for MITCH. A lot of these songs kind of happened and for this, we knew we had to write a song and record it. We just started talking about how we felt that day and one thing led to another. I was staying at ZACH MYERS house and he has these guitars everywhere. Every guitar you pick up evokes a different playing style and I picked up this acoustic that he had and started jamming this riff. We had a lot of fun with this song. It starts out acoustic  and it grows into this big rock n roll orgasm. It's very unconventional and very different.

What would you like for people to come away with after they hear RINSE AND REPEAT?
I don't know. That's up to them. I don't want to put any kind of expectations like that on anybody. I know where I'm coming form with it. One of the themes through the songwriting process and the artwork process and the promotion process is that we don't want to be fake. We wanted to go ahead and get weird. We wanted to get experimental. This is our one and only life and this is our one and only chance to make music together and put it out there. We don't want to be safe.



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