ROCKWiRED.COM's JUNE ARTiST OF THE MONTH!!! 1, 2011 - The polls have closed for ROCKWIRED.COM's recent ARTIST OF THE MONTH campaign. Voters from all over the U.S. made their vote count and the band REVIS walked away the winner.  The story of REVIS is a story of coming together, coming apart and coming togther again. Hailing from Carbondale, Illinois, the band - comprised of JUSTIN HOLMAN on vocals, ROBERT DAVIS on guitars and DAVID PIRBAUER on drums - became a favorite on the local music scene and on playlist for local radio station WTAO. Under the guidance of manager JOHN ZAGATA, the band secured a record deal on the EPIC label and released their 2003 debut PLACES FOR BREATHING. Despite respectable chart placings, growing popularity and touring with EVANESENCE, the band was unceremoniously dropped from EPIC. Facing an uncertain future, the band called it a day in 2005. In 2010, it was announced that REVIS would return with a new album - DO WE HAVE TO BEG? - after years of working apart on seperate projects. Eight years is a hell of a long time to wait in between albums but with the release of DO WE HAVE TO BEG?, REVIS makes up for lost time with a sturdy collection of songs.

Other nominees for ARTIST OF THE MONTH included MY JERUSALEM, PASSION PROJECT,  BOBAFLEX, SEE GREEN, ZO2 and LOS FABULOCOS. The victory for REVIS was a landslide. The victors secured 49%. PASSION PROJECT and ZO2 followed with reasonable rankings..

ROCKWIRED.COM will be launching its latest ARTIST OF THE MONTH campaign on JUNE 1, 2011. Nominees for this latest wave include FEEL NEVER REAL, WHEN DARKNESS FALLS, JANA MASHONEE, BIG SHOT REUB AND THE RELOADERS, TOM SHANER, LIFE LIFT OFF and EARTH AND THE NEXT SOCIETY. Polling is provided by MICROPOLL and is as simple as making a selection and clicking 'vote'.

While there is no trophy or huge payday for being an ARTIST OF THE MONTH winner, the benefits that come along with the title include expanded coverage and promotion. An ARTIST OF MONTH winner is awarded a month's worth of free site-wide advertising on ROCKWIRED.COM. A 60-second commercial spot promoting the winner and their album will be featured during every edition of ROCKWIRED RADIO PROFILES for an entire month.  The winner is also featured in a special edition of ROCKWIRED RADIO PROFILES.  Banners are also given to the winners to further promote their ARTIST OF THE MONTH status on their own website or press packets. Lastly, winners are mentioned on all ROCKWIRED-related announcements/press materials.

"Rock n roll is full of break ups and reunions and you always wish  that a godd band will stay together no matter what." says ROCKWRED founder BRIAN LUSH. "It seems like REVIS has been through the worst but with this new release they've come out on top and I hope that we don't have to wait eight more years for their next offering."
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