Since 2005 ROCKWIRED.COM has been the online destination for hearing great music from the day's leading independent rockers as well as the fascinating perspectives of the artists themselves throughout exciting podcasts and our monthly publication ROKWIREDMAGAZINE. ROCKWIRED.COM attracts thousands of listeners and readers a month with our bold, punchy and colorful editorial. ROCKWIRED keeps the audience charged with such editorial events as our ROCKWIRED ARTIST OF THE MONTH campaign and the annual ROCKWIRED RADIO MUSIC AWARD

In an age where folks are scratching there heads and asking themselves "Where is the rock n roll?" The monthly online publication ROCKWIRED.COM is here to give you a massive dose of it. Since it's launch in may of 2012 ROCKWIRED.COM has attracted thousands of readers a month from throughout the United States and Canada and beyond. In addition to being the home of the monthly online publication ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE, ROCKWIRED.COM is also home to the online radios hows ROCKWIRED RADIO PROFILES, ABORIGINAL SOUNDS - A CELEBRATION OF CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN INDIAN AND FIRST NATIONS MUSIC and JAZZED AND BLUE - PROFILES IN BLUES AND JAZZ. The combination of ROCKWIRED's musical reportage an it's online radio programming make ROCKWIRED.COM a hot spot for not only reading up on the what's new in rock but for listening to what's new and hearing the stories from the artists themselves.

There is an awful lot of talk these days about about how disposable the current pop set is and music critics (there are so many of them) who seem to be favoring the offerings of hip hop, country and folk-type artists. Rock n roll is clearly not the music of the day but ROCKWIRED.COM's founder BRIAN LUSH feels that this is the most exciting time for rock n roll. "Rock music doesn't have a lot of major label support but it's got the support of thousands of small, independent labels throughout the country that seem to be popping up everywhere. It's back to square one with rock music. It's just like the fifties when rock music go it's start on smaller labels like SUN RECORDS and CHESS RECORDS. With ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE, we are celebrating this spirit of independence because we feel that that is what makes rock n roll great. There was a time when the major complaint was that rock n roll had become too corporate and boring well guess what? Times have changed and rock music is more independent than ever and the independent spirit , creativity and industriousness that it takes to keep the music going is something that we highlight in every issue of ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE."

ROCKWiRED founder BRiAN LUSH in the presence of  rock legends


ROCKWiRED MAGAZINE is a monthly digital interactive journal published by ROCKWIRED MEDIA LLC. It is available t readers for free exclusively at ROCKWIRED and features exclusive interviews with the hottest artists in independent rock as well as business profiles on the industries entrepreneurs. Since it;s launch in May of 2012, ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE has generated over seven thousand unique readers a month from throughout the United States and Canada and beyond. Ina fairly short amount of time it has proven itself to be �the� place not only to read about new music but to hear it as well. Each issue also contains to audio interviews, music and exclusive podcast specials.


All podcasts on ROCKWIRED.COM are produced by ROCKWRIED MEDIA LLC. There are also opportunities to advertise your products and services within our programing.

ROCKWIRED RADIO PROFILES was launched in May of 2010, the show lasts for thirty minutes and profiles one artist or band per show featuring an exclusive interview and three songs from the artist's current release. The show is hosted by BRIAN LUSH and a new edition is posted daily onto the website.

JAZZED AND BLUE � PROFILES IN BLUES AND JAZZ was launched in June of 2011 as a means to accommodate the high volume of jazz submissions that had been coming to ROCKWIRED. The focus of this show is jazz music and is a welcome of tone from much of the bash and thrash of RCKWIRED RADIO PROFILES. The show is also hosted by BRIAN LUSH.

ABORIGINAL SOUNDS � A CELEBRATION OF CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN INDIAN AND FIRST NATIONS MUSIC was created in March of 2011 as a way to highlight the contributions of American Indian and First Nations artists. The artists featured have spanned all genres from rock, hip hop, country, jazz and blues. The program is hosted by BRIAN LUSH.

This exciting annual event is what kicks off the new year for ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE. We take a look back at the previous calendar year and select that artists and recording that stood out the most and we present them to our readers and listeners as nominees. The categories include BEST MALE ARTIST, BEST FEMALE ARTIST, BEST BAND, BEST RECORDING (EP), BEST RECORDING (LP), BEST MUSIC VIDEO, BES SONG and BEST RECORDING BY AN AMERICAN INDIAN/FIRST NATIONS ARTIST OR BAND. The January and February issues are devoted to promoting the nominees and the voting which takes place exclusively at ROCKWIRED.COM. This exciting awards season historically attracts new readers and business to ROCKWIRED and give the nominees and winners prestige and coverage not only on ROCKWIRED bu other publications as well. This month and a half long campaign was established in 2007. This award season is punctuated special podcast presentations updating readers and listeners on the voting and profiling the nominees.

Established in October of 2010, the ROCKWIRED ARTIST OF THE MONTH campaign stimulates our listenership and readership and attracts new readers to ROCKWIRED. The polling for the ARTIST OF THE MONTH CAMPAIGN is powered by MICROPOLL yet all voting is conducted at ROCKWIRED.COM. The winner of the competition wins a free full page ad in the magazine, a banner ad on every page of the site and a :60 second commercial spot to be featured on all of ROCKWIRED's podcast programming for one month.

In April of 2013 ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE presented a special edition aimed at celebrating women in rock n roll. The results were amazing and now we have decided to make it an annual event ever April. This issue is all about the women, and will feature exclusive interviews with female rock artists or female fronted bands and women-run enterprises within the music industry. We also produce a special 2hour podcast exclusive to this issue featuring music and additional interviews.

In October of 2012 ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE had it's first breakthrough success with the release of one of our first special issues 25 GUITARISTS YOU'VE GOTTA HEAR. 25 guitarists from bands that we have featured throughout the year are profiled in an attractive 16 page spread and and exclusive two hour podcast. Promotion for this issue begins a month in advance and energizes our base of readers and listeners as well as the fans of the bands selected. Since the launch of that special issue it has become an annual event anticipated by readers.

Every August ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE sets one issue aside to highlight the independence and creative spirit of music makers from throughout Indian Country. As an American Indian owned publication we at ROCKWIRED feel it is our responsibility to use our resources to shine a light on Contemporary American Indian and First Nations recording artists. The aim of this annual special edition of ROCKWIRED is the same as our regular podcast ABORIGNAL SOUNDS. This issue also features an exclusive two hour downloadable podcast.

When the year winds down ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE takes stock of of all of the artists that have come our way and we put together a list of 25 artists who made the year rock. Promotion for this issue begins in November and the excitement generated carries over to throughout the run of the December issue. Another reason that this list is highly anticipated is that the artists listed usually give people a good indication of who will be nominated in our ROCKWIRED RADIO MUSIC AWARDS. This issue also features a three hour podcast retrospective the year featuring music and interview excerpts.

All submissions are to be emailed to djlush@rockwired.com and have "Rockwired" referenced in the subject line.  All submission are to contain the following:
  • Three (3) mp3 or WAV files of completed songs
  • A brief biography of the artist/band
  • Links to any relevant websites or press
  • Photos
MP3 or WAV files are the only files we accept. Please do not send WMA or M4A or FLAC files!  

Because we are largely an active rock publication we would favor music that is harder edged with a fully realized sound such as hard rock, heavy metal and punk.  Electric guitar-driven music will rule the day for this promotion. If you are a jazz or blues oriented artist we do have a jazz show called JAZZED AND BLUE and we would suggest submitting for that instead of this.  We will not accept submissions from hip-hop, rap, folk  or country and western acts!

It is our preference to showcse artists with completed works that are available through such sites as CD BABY or AMAZON or ITUNES.  If this is not the case for you , please give us an idea of when you intend to drop your release.

If you have any additonal questions regarding submitting materials to this program please contact the program producer BRIAN LUSH at 505.414.4888 or email him at djlush@rockwired.com.