AUGUST 25, 2017


Do I call this album S.T.F.U. or SHUT THE FUCK UP?
The album title has a couple of different meanings. It could mean "shut the fuck up"  but there is a hidden track on the album and people can buy the album to figure out the second meaning.

And the album debuts on July 7, at the RAINBOW ROOM. How do you feel about the finished work?
I'm really excited. We're going to have this cool little CD release/listening party. People will finally get to hear the whole album, We've dropped some singles and music videos and I'm really excited to get people to hear the full product and hear the diversity of the album.

And who all helped you guys behind the recording console?
We ended up working with a good friend of ours and a phenomenal producer EDDIE WALL. He did an amazing job. He listened to our scratch tracks and figured out what we needed to do. He let us do our KILLSET thing but he would come up with amazing suggestions. His suggestions made the music better and more dynamic.

How is this album different from your previous album KNOW YOUR KILLER?
KNOW YOUR KILLER was our first album . We were a new band at the time and we were getting a feel for our style. S.T.F.U. is different. There are no rules. We didn't care about genre or style. If it was cool we added it to the album. This album is a lot more diverse with a lot more flavor.

Why was KRIS KROSS' JUMP picked as the single?
We threw around a lot of ideas for covers and none of them stuck. I loved JUMP. I loved KRIS KROSS growing up. It was funny and cool. They had a unique flavor and style and that's what we're trying to do with KILLSET and the S.T.F.U. album. We just started jamming it and it sounded cool. It became obvious that we needed to do a parody of it. In the video you've got four metal dudes dressed up as KRIS KROSS  and having fun with it. We're an aggressive band but we like poking fun at ourselves and with this video it all fits together. It's the perfect parody.

Bring me back to the beginning of KILLSET.
The other guys were in a previous band and were searching for a singer. I was in a different band  and touring and doing a whole bunch of stuff. They came across my stuff and liked it. They reached out to me but I was really busy. A year later  they reached out to me again and at that point I had a break. I visited with them and sat down in a room  and the vibe was great. We immediately came up with a concept for the music that we wanted to create. There were no rules.  There was this anything goes attitude. This was something that I really wanted to be a part of. We started jamming and the rest is history.

What was it specifically that spoke to you about this band?
The fact that they had worked together for so long. I liked being supported by experienced musicians. On stage I'm very aggressive and very active and having a band with this tightness to them was great. They had it down after years of playing together. That was what interested me. They've got a cool style and an anything goes kind of attitude. When you can suggest covering a song by KRIS KROSS and the answer is "Yeah, let's do it!" That makes you want to be a part of something and that is how they were.

And talk about the other members. Who are they and what is it that you think each of them brings tot he table that makes this thing work?
JAMES "JAS" DILLON is our drummer. He is very creative and great on stage. He puts on a great show and in terms of music he is very diverse. DAVE COMER is the guitarist. He comes form a different style of music. He is more rooted in classic rock and hard rock. He's got this unique viewpoint and he comes up with things that we would never think of. MARK BAKER is the bassist. He is incredibly talented and he's a great writer. He writes a lot of the riffs. He's a bid dude and he puts ona  great live show. It really helps with the aggression of the live show. Everyone in the band can look at something and just go for it.


What was your musical history before this band?
I've been singing my whole life. My mother was a really talented singer. I was involved in sports for the majority of my life up until college. When that stopped, it opened up time for me to pursue music. I grew up listening to different stuff. I was really into gangsta rap. Hard rock and heavy metal came later in my life but I fell in love with it immediately. Eventually I made the decision to move from out East to Los Angeles and that move made me realize that music was what I wanted to do.

And how does songwriting happen in this band?
MARK brings in a riff and everybody partakes in the writing process. I let the guys do their thing and I'll jump in here and there. They're the musicians of the band and I want them to create what they love. They go back and forth  and tweak this and tweak that. When we get to finished track, I take it home and come up with the lyrics. If they have a suggestion for a lyric or a melody that is better that what I've come up with, we'll use it.  In the end we're all on the same page. It's not about my part or their individual parts. It's about the totality of the song.

What songs off of S.T.F.U. stand out for you the most and why?
We did a video for KILLERS IN THE PIT, When we were in the studio, we wanted to write a song in appreciation for our fans. We wanted to make this mosh anthem. I'm really proud of that one. It's got a weird, cool flavor. People are really responding well to it. Another song would be BULLY which is a really personal experience of mine. So far it's connected with a lot of people. It has a really poppy hook. BROKEN ANGEL is our ballad. It has this epic rock sound. It's different form everything on the album I'm really excited to see what people's perceptions will be with this song coming form a more aggressive band.

What's next for the band musically?
Our plan, after the release, is to tour in support of the album. After that we want to work on anew EP . We're going to go back into the studio with MIKE DOLING of SNOT . We're going to do a small group of songs with him. First and foremost though, we need to get on the road and sell some merch and get the music out there to as many people as possible.

What would you like for people to come away with after they hear this album?
I want people to know that we are our own style of band and that we have a ton of flavor. We're doing things for fun . We want people to give it a shot and be open tot he fact that they're going to get different genres and styles of music within each track, as well as within the full album.



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