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When the latest release in a long catalog of music comes off like a new lease on life, it's almost more exciting than a debut album. This is the case with SONIC SYNDICATE and their forthcoming album CONFESSIONS due out October 14, 2016 on DESPOTZ RECORDS. the band is back after a long period of silence. The successful band from Falkenberg, Sweden was unexpected;y dropped by the label NUCLEAR BLAST and was forced to reconsider their situation. The crisis forced the band to change it's course significantly and they took the chance to record their most daring album yet. This time the band members took a deeper look into themselves which has led to some changes in their sound. Ont he new album SONIC SYNDICATE lets the listener take par tint heir vulnerability through total uncompromising honesty in their songwriting and sound. Aware that the band's "new start" may cause listeners to raise their eyebrows the band does not fear the changes nor the future.

ROCKWIRED had a chance to speak with  NATHAN J. BIGGS regarding the band's new release. Here is how the interview went.

Things are really exciting for you guys at the moment. You've got the new album coming out in October but it's being preceded by this single START A WAR. The album - based off of what I've listened to - sounds fantastic, How are you feeling about the work that you are about to release?
Well to begin with thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoy it. I feel really really good about it. While we were in the studio we all talked and we were saying that we never actually enjoyed the whole writing and recording process as much as we have this time. We were practically waiting for the whole thing to turn stressful in a way but the material just flowed out of us. Everything just went so smoothly with us and the studio and the producer and the songs. There was just this ever-present positive vibe which goes well with the themes of the album. It's a very uplifting piece of work.

And just in what I've been been reading about you guys and the album it sounds as if this new release from you guys is kind of a new lease on life. You've all got a new label and even a new outlook on things it seems like.
SONIC SYNDICATE has been around since 2005. I joined the band in '09 and ever since then me and ROBIN - the guitar player - have had this really great bond and this friendship that has only grown more and more over the years. With this album we realized that we wanted to see what we can do as songwriters. Two and half years ago we were writing this new album of twelve or fifteen songs which were finished. We did all of the pre-production ourselves in our own studio. It was just two weeks before we were to head into a proper studio to record with a big Swedish metal producer and then we just stopped and asked ourselves is this the best that we can do. Are we happy with this album representing us for the next however many years? The answer was no. We felt we had more to give and we felt that we were playing it  safe and that we weren't taking any risks. We wanted to do what we really enjoyed doing and we really tried to discover what that was. So we scrapped the whole record that we wrote and canceled the studio and canceled the producer and we started all over again. It took us almost another year on top of that to get where we were with this album. It's the best decision that we've ever made.

How hard of a decision was that to make?
It was really hard! It took us right tot he limit. In that time as well we had also changed record labels. It really took us right tot he brink of quitting as a band. We literally had these internal conversations debating whether or not we had the energy to keep doing this. Would we be able to do this? The more we talked about it together me ROBIN and MICH started having such a great time together that we felt that we couldn't not do it. Especially when we started writing what we wanted to write as opposed to trying to be this metal band. The more that we started straying on the path that we were on before the more fun we started to have.  It just felt amazing to create something fresh. From then on we have felt that this is exactly what we should be doing. It feels good not be following any sort of path that was set before.

Who all helped you behind the recording console for this album?
This is the cool thing about it. We started to put these songs together and he kind of got an idea on how the sound should be in our pre-production studio. When we finished the pre-production we started looking around for producers. We were looking at a guy in Los Angeles and another guy in Germany and a  couple of other producers in Sweden and they were all kind of expecting us to sound how we used and we could tell just by looking at them that we would be walking into this and they wouldn't be on the same page as we were. SO we came across this producer that is a friend of bass player MICH. His name is CHRISTOPHER FALLION and he has his own studio called PURPLE SKULL MUSIC. We sat down with him and listened tot he newest stuff that he produced and listened to the way that he talked about the things that he wanted to do with the music and how he thought that he could help us. It just fit perfectly. He's such a cool guy and we knew that it wold be great. We took a risk with him because we weren't using an established producer. He had done some good stuff  but the decision to work with him was based on what we had heard and the vibe that we got form him and we decided to go with it. Everything seemed to fall into place and work perfectly. I'm so glad we worked with him.

What was your musical experience before SONIC SYNDICATE?
When I was a kid of about nine or ten I started rummaging through my mom's cassette boxes and I started listening to things like EDDIE GRANT and BOB MARLEY and UB40. I kind of got into my reggae when I was very young. After that I got into rap. I was really into the West Coast rap that was happening at the time form people like TUPAC, DR. DRE and SNOOP DOG. As I got older I had a friend whose older brother was always listening tot his crazy music and I could always hear it from his bedroom upstairs and I started hanging out with him more and we'd be listening to things like PANTERA and WHITE ZOMBIE  and TOOL. That was how I had become obsessed with metal and form there I got into nu-metal and people like MANSON. COLDCHAMBER and SLIPKNOT and the music just got heavier and heavier form there. As I've gotten older the music has sort balanced out and has shaped into a lot of other stuff that I like such as DEPECHE MODE and U2 and a lot of pop music. I love how stuff comes full circle and you find yourself listening to all different types of music.

What led you to joining SONIC SYNDICATE in 2009?
I had a band in the UK. We were kind of metal core but we ha some prog-y elements as well. The members of the band were pretty heavily into DREAM THEATER and PAIN IS SALVATION and things like that. We were pestering the label NUCLEAR BLAST o sign us. They wold always come back to us and say that they liked our band but that they were not signing any new bands at the moment.  A few months later I got an email form NUCLEAR BLAST saying that they didn't want to sign my band but if I wanted to audition for this band that we've already got then we could arrange that. SO I said "Fuck it!" I got on a plane to Sweden and the audition was amazing and a couple months after that I was the new lead singer for SONIC SYNDICATE.

And talk about ROBIN and MICHEL. Describe what it is that you think each of them brings to the table the makes this this work.
ROBIN is just so talented. Everything he does for the band is great from the all of the legwork that he is doing the with the electronic stuff with sample pads and synth instruments and beats and effects. He is such a wiz at that kind of the stuff and he is just amazing on guitar. He's also an amazing  songwriter. When we come up with ideas together it's like we know what each other is thinking. He and I are such best friends that I couldn't imagine making music without him or not having him as a friend in my life. Over the years with the lineup changes in the band and obstacles that we've faced along the way it can be very tiring and we've just been there for each other. It can break you down over the years. We replaced out bass player and MICHEL came into the band in 2014. He started off as our touring bas player  and then later we brought him in as a full time member. When cam aboard he kind of rejuvenated the band. It felt like back in the days when you were in a  garage band with your friends after school. The band kind of had that vibe to it again. We were just three guys hanging out and having fun. MICHEL has great energy live and he's a great bass player. We always joke about being the three stupid amigos when we go on tour.

Talk about the songwriting process within this band. How do you guys go about it?
It can be anything. We all live in Stockholm together and we rehearse all the time. We barbecue and we we're big horror movie fans so we watch movies and hang out so songwriting can really happen at anytime. ROBIN will come up with some riffs and I'll come up with a melody to something he's got or I'll have a melody in my head and he'll just slap some guitar to it. It's a very easy organic process given that we live so close to each other and we have our own studio. We just come up with whatever we're feeling and that was how we came up with this album. We just keep working on something until it becomes a song.

START A WAR is a great first single for this album What was the inspiration behind it?
With this album we are taking a big risk. We're saying that nothing else matters and we're going out on our own and saying this is us. Take it or leave it. It's battle cry for defying preconceptions of us as a band that are out there. That is what the lyrics are all about. It's all about putting your fist in the air and saying  "This is me and I'm not going to hide from anybody!" That was why we chose it as a first single. It sets the tone for the rest of the album and for what we're doing no.

With the release of the album coming up what's next for SONIC SYNDICATE musically?
It's all about the album now. We've just got so much coming out right now. We've done these mini-documentary episodes. We have two already out  happening in the next couple of weeks we'll have three new ones. They're going to be on our FACEBOOK and all of our social media. We've got a lyric video that we've just put out today  for START A WAR. We've also shot a music video for another track off of the album. It's the title track for the album.  The album is coming out on October 14th and we've got shows in Helsinki, Finland and Norway and we've got a whole tour on the way which will take us through Europe and then we come over to the States next year. It's non stop and musically in regard to after this album, we've been in a very good place and are still feeling very creative. We've just pressed this new album and we feel that we've still got stuff to offer. There's no doubt that we'll be writing bit sand pieces while we're out on tour.







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