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Rock n roll is a driving force that will not be denied. Just ask front man and guitarist DAVE NARUSZEWICZ. After making his musical presence known with the band HEART-SET SELF DESTRUCT and their two LP's, NARUSZEWICZ felt it was time to move on and chase that musical muse that could potentially lead to a wider audience and even wider appeal. After not finding what he was looking for in his native Chicago music scene he went to Los Angeles and reached out to drummer RUSSELL RAY formerly of OLD FASHIONED BEATDOWN. Along with former OLD FASHIONED BEATDOWN guitarist SHAWN PATTERSON, the three began to lay down the foundation of what would form the potent sound of VYCES. Eventually the band filled out to include MARK JAMES KLEPASKI on bass and EVAN SEIDLITZ to round out the band's hard edged sound on keyboards and synths. Tons of songs have been written by this unit which explore the darker side of human emotions and now an unsuspecting public is getting it's first taste of all that this band has to offer with the bands debut EP DEVILS. The guitar-driven, aggressive approach of the band is balanced the SEIDLITZ's nuanced approach to the keyboards making this first offering from VYCCES something to pay attention to.

ROCKWIRED had a chance to speak with DAVE NARUSZEWICZ regarding the relatively new band and their new EP. Here is how the interview went.

In reading up  on you guys I had no idea that you were with the band HEART-SET SELF DESTRUCT.
Yeah. That's a blast from the past. Some people remember that and it's always pretty awesome to hear that they do.

I'm sure it is but in the meantime you've got a great new band with a great new EP. What's all going through your mind in regard to the release.
I finally found the right guys . I've been searching for a band like this forever. They all care about the music and they are there to be there and are willing to make the sacrifice. It's an amazing feeling. I've been flying out from Chicago to California for a little over a year now every other week for this thing so you can imagine the work and time and money that we've put into this. The fact that we're now able to release this record is an amazing feeling.

Who all helped you guys behind the recording console for this album?
We worked with AUGUSTUS CRYNS. He is awesome. He made the sound huge. He really made it pop. We try to make every facet of the band it's own experience. Having GUS come in and produce and mix the record was like a one-stop shop for us. We highly recommend him. We wanted the audio to take on a life of it's own  just like our live show takes on a life of its' own. Same with our music video. It's important for each aspect of this band to have it's own life and personality.

Bring me back to the beginning of VYCES. How did this whole thing get off the ground?
After HEART-SET SELF DESTRUCT the guys in the band weren't interested in touring anymore. That's kind of a big deal. I've known RUSS for a long time. His brother is a really good friend of mine in Chicago. I kicked around the idea of being in a band together. At the time I was dome with the Chicago music scene. I wanted to check out other options and I wanted to work with people that were serious about it. RUSS just got out of another band . the situation wasn't ideal for him so he and I both decided that we were going to do this. I started flying out to LA. SEAN had been in in a band with RUSS before. The three of us wrote and recorded for a year and half and ended up with fifteen songs. In that time we put the whole album together as well as the look and feel of the whole thing. We didn't want too many cooks in the kitchen. And then we got MARK and EVAN and we were able to put our live show together and now the train is rolling and firing on all cylinders.

Were there too many cooks in the kitchen with HEART-SET SELF-DESTRUCT?
No. Not at all. I was in a band shortly after that with all of these strong personalities that the whole thing just didn't gel. It's not a one-man show when you're in a band. Everybody's opinion has to matter but when everyone has a different idea about how things should work, it's a problem.  Me, RUSS and SEAN wanted to hone in and make sure we got exactly what we wanted and anyone who joined afterwards would have to understand what the vision was. We really got lucky with MARK and EVAN. They believed in the songs. They believe in the band. It's amazing.

Talk a little more about the other members of the band what you think each of them brings to the table that makes this thing work.
RUSS is the pulse. He's positive about every situation and he gets everybody in a good mood. He's just a phenomenal musician. SEAN is a fantastic guitarist. He blows every guitarist out of the water that I've ever played with.  He's always in a  good mood and it super helpful on the road. He's a hard worker and good at writing hooks and riffs and captures the gnarly grimy riff sound that we need for the band, MARK is the bass player formerly of BREAKING BENJAMIN. The tone of his bass playing really adds some color to the songs. EVAN does the back up vocals and the keyboard player. In a live situation he compliments everything that I do vocally . He's a fantastic performer and singer. We trade vocals and get in peoples faces. It's a lot of fun.

I understand that you guys are currently on the road. How far are you into it?
I think this is night number five. We're out with a band called INVIDIA  which features members of IN THIS MOMENT and a member of  FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH. We're also out with a band called WHITE KNUCKLE RIOT. It's a really awesome tour. All of the bands really gel well together. It's a phenomenal tour package.

Of the newer material what songs are going over the best in your live set?
The opener in our live set gets the most attention and then the song I WILL FIND YOU sets the first halfway through our set. We close it out with some heavy hitters like the new single DEVIL and THE HIVE . THE TORTURED is a really good closer.

And why was DEVIL earmarked as a single?
We just felt that it was a really good representation of us as a band. The first single we put out was THE HIVE which was this heavier song  but DEVIL has all of the melodic stuff that we do as well as the heavy stuff  and the big sing-a-long chorus embodies what the sound of the band is.

And what was it that got you into music in the first place. What made you go off in this direction?
Growing up I watched a lot of MTV with my dad. He really got me into music. When he got rid of some of his vinyl he unloaded some of them one. me. He gave me about three decades worth of music. I listened to every single one of those records. When i picked up the guitar it was more than just a hobby. It was love. I didn't want to do anything else. I didn't want to take no for an answer. I didn't want people to tell me that I couldn't do something. You've got to go out and do it. You have to make that sacrifice. It's something I've always wanted to do. Other than music, I didn't want to do anything else with my life.

Describe the songwriting process in this band. how do you guys go about it?
It's interesting. I used to write all of the music first and then write chords and melodies and lyrics but with this band I do the vocal melodies first and then the music. Ultimately, being in this band has made me a better musician. These are hands down the best songs that I've ever been a part of writing. It' all came down to switching it up and sitting down with the guys and coming up with something. It's just an amazing experience.

What songs off of the EP have you the most excited to get people to hear and why?
I WILL FIND YOU. It's got that cool KORN groove to it and that big 80's sounding chorus. It's got a big pop element. I get excited by stuff that sounds different and this is the most different song we have.

What's next for the band musically?
The short term plan is to do this tour and then head home for  the Holidays. After the Holidays we want to jump out on another tour and tour form January to February and go out and really hit radio . We want to release a full length CD  sometime in the early part of Summer but for right now it's all about pushing this EP along.

What would you like for people to come away with after they heard this EP?
I want people to dig into the lyrics. A lot of the stuff that we have on there is very relatable. I hope people really enjoy it. Jam to it. Bang their heads to it. Sparking any kind of emotion from people is always the goal.







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