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To say that the new SEASONS AFTER record MANIFESTO is an evolution would be an understatement. The album set to release in November 11th, 2016 is a brash declaration of the policies, goals, and opinions of a band that has weathered the storm and come back with a vengeance. Building on past radio success with three Top 40 singles and over 3.5 million YOUTUBE views, the band has grown, matured, endured, and developed a chip on their shoulder that results in a blistering array of songs that will satiate the tastes of both rock and metal music fans alike. Guitarist JIMMY BEATTIE states, "This album was written with nothing but the truth in mind. It's about the unspoken realities that a lot of us live with, and some of the hard truths we all face at one time or another. The idea is to let listeners know that they are not alone, and that someone understands. We can find each other in the dark." Listeners can expect to experience a variety of emotions ranging from rage to bliss and everything in between. The band has truly arrived in thunderous fashion with this record and successfully bridged the gap and improved on their already vast catalog of songs. The desperation and longing for something more truly translates on this record. Having toured coast-to-coast multiple times, the band is primed and ready to do it again to further grow their already rabid fan-base, and showcase what their hard work and dedication have brought forth in the form of their newest release, MANIFESTO.

ROCKWIRED had a chance to speak with TONY HOUSH of SEASONS AFTER regarding the new album. Here is how the interview went.

The album MANIFESTO is coming out soon. What's all going through your head with regard to the pending release?
I'm very excited. I've posted it about thousand times. This album is very special thing for us. A lot of this was written before we even put our last record out. These were song that we put away because we weren't sure about them. We worked on these songs when we were in between album cycles. Working on these songs really pushed some boundaries for all of us. Especially for me vocally. These songs have really pushed me as a vocalist. We're pumped about this thing and we want to get it into everybody's hands and bridge the gap from our first album all the way to our third. We've written it, produced it, tracked it and mixed it all in house. 

Keeping in mind that the CD isn't out yet are there any preliminary reactions that  you've heard to the music?
Yes and so far it's been a great reaction. The things comes out November 11th on iTUNES and all that. We expected a shipment of the CDs this week but we got it last week so we've started selling them at shows. People are excited. It's an intense kind of record. It has a message to it.  Everything is sounding good as far as what people are saying about it. It's pretty exciting.

And what is the message?
It's about the history of the band. We've been through more hard times than great times but the band has endured. . I've been with the band for seven years . JIMMY has been in the band longer than that. We've held this thing together through a lot of volatile type stuff. A lot of it had to do with business and some of it was stuff that went on with our families. It was all of the things that happen in life. This album  is a culmination of that first album and where things ended up the record label and then the second album which i have to say was a little whiny and sad. This album is about getting our foot in and standing up for ourselves. That is the message of the band and the record. We're about putting our cards on the table and doing it and powering through the things that are bringing us down. This band has found itself. This is our MANIFEST right here. It's about kicking some ass and moving forward.

Hence the title of your single FIGHTER?
Yes sir.

Bring me back to the beginning of SEASONS AFTER.
It started around 2005 or 2006. It was the brainchild of guitar player - who is now our producer - CHRIS DAWSON. He came up with the concept for the band and found musicians and wrote the music with a couple of the the other guys. The band went out and toured  and the song CRY LITTLE SISTER did pretty well. Right at that point the good times ended over some business problems and legalities with the label . For two years the band had to deal with that and in that time I replaced the lead singer.  That was in 2010. JIMMY joined the band in 2009.  the original drummer had to bow out at this time just to do the whole family thing. Once we got away form that whole record company thing we were finally able to move on. We learned a lot through the process and we became independent. Once we got out independence back we just went out there on our own. We runt he whole show now. It's been a long growth process for the band. That's where it's at.

The news of a band being on their own and independent sounds exciting but what can some of the drawbacks be?
The only downside is that you don't have the enormous budget behind you as you do when you're signed to a label but as a band we know the tricks and we understand how it works.  It's a money game. The lack of it can be the hardest part and as a band we try to keep our business from completely getting buried. We have a choice in that now whereas in the past we didn't. If things happened they happened and then you were billed and before you know it you had this massive pile of debt behind you and eventually it suffocates you. Now we're three to four years deep into being independent now and we've learned to work through all of that. You get a much bigger budget when you work with someone else but  there are so many strings attached to it.

And before SEASONS AFTER, what was your own musical history?
Growing up I was one of those kids singing in church on Sunday. I didn't have much direction  I was 16 or 17 and I decided that I wanted to be in a band. I grew up in west Texas and I joined some local rock bands in the area. When I was 23 I moved to Dallas and I've been chasing the dream ever since.

Explain the songwriting process in this band. How do you guys go about it?
On our last album everything was kind of mixed up. . It was wall of us sitting down and writing . On this record it was a little bit different. JIMMY is a hell of a writer. It's what his mind is built for. DAWSON and I write too but JIMMY is our lead guy. He puts ideas together and brings them to the table and DAWSON and I  will get working on it and make adjustments. These songs have been worked on for four years now. There has been quite a few changes in the structure of these songs.

What songs of of this album have you the most excited to get people to hear and why?
One song was written on the last day that we were tracking the album.  The song is called WORLD GONE MAD and it's very fitting with what we're going through in our culture and our society . Everything is weird now. Things that weren't questioned in the past can all of a sudden be questioned now. It's high stress and people are firing guns at each other now. It's just insanity. That's the song that I really enjoy off of the record.

What would you like for people to come away with after they hear this CD?
I want people to realize that they may feel like they're in a battle and that they're working each day feeling like life sucks but the fact is we're all going through it. The secret is to wake up everyday with your feet on the floor and walking forward  and accomplish the goals that you put out in front of you - whatever that may be. The message is to keep pushing forward and to realize that you're not alone. We're all together in this regardless of our differences. That's the message.







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