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Readers may not share in our nervousness and apprehension in what a TRUMP presidency has to offer and that's fine but this is where we're at as a publication right now. The number of things that have us excited these days a minimal outside of the release of ROGUE ONE - A STAR WARS STORY and new music from one of our favorite bands in the past couple of years - CITY OF THE WEAK. Fronted by the enigmatic and most-definitely-photogenic front woman STEF WITH AN F, CITY OF THE WEAK is a band that has stood out from the crowd with their not-so-subtle approach to a brand of pop rock that one finds themselves banging their heads.  The band set the public up for some pleasant surprises with the release of their 2014 EP DISCLOSURE which had yielded the singles WHITE FIRE ALARM, JUST ANOTHER EULOGY and THE BLAME GAME (all packaged lovingly with some top notch music videos proudly displaying Ms. WITH AN F's undeniable charisma and star power). In the spring of 2017 STEF and the boys will be releasing their first ever LP. Preceding this release is another anthemic stomper CENSOR THIS with a music video that winks  at the electoral process  that is coming into question. Seriously, we're not trying to make this political. 2017 is going to be huge year for CITY OF THE WEAK. All you've got to do is give CENSOR THIS a listen and realize this band has the pop smarts to make rock n roll great again.

ROCKWIRED had a chance to speak with STEF WITH AN F regarding the new single and the forthcoming album Here is how it went.

You guys really have something special with the single CENSOR THIS. I also understand that you guys are getting ready to release an album in the coming year. Why was this single specifically earmarked as the first single?
The song was just one of my favorites. It sums up who we are as people and who we are as a band.  It perfectly captures our musical existence. We just felt like it was appropriate. I feel like it's a step up from our previous releases and it gives people a good idea of what they can expect form the new album. We've expanded musically as a band and we have wide range of songs. We're never going to lose our pop rock roots but for this new one we figured that we'd either go big or go home.

What  has inspired this music that you guys are about to put out?
For the past year and a half we've bee through a ton of stuff from simply being an independent band to working with a label and working with a different management company and doing all of these crazy festivals. And then we went back to being an independent band and working on a record with different producers , working with new writers and trying new things. This time around we worked by demoing things out as opposed to sitting around and jamming the songs out. Now there are only three of us in the band as opposed to the five that we had in the past. With these songs we tried to capture every aspect of what we've gone through in the past year and a half and how we felt about each experience from different people screwing us over to different people trying to bring us down. There is tons and tons of stuff on the new album that people aren't going to be expecting.

It's a big sound that you're making for just being a three-piece band.
We've been a three piece for five months and with the way things are going we want to keep it that way. Because of that there has been a change in the songwriting.  It's changed the way we work and operate and it really comes across in the new songs. This has changed us for the better and the best. You can really hear it.

So how are BRENT and CODY holding up?
It's kind of weird. Outside of those two I like having a team around us when we're on tour. Touring is always a party for us. We hire on a drummer. The firs tour that we went on as a three piece with a hire-on drummer we didn't bring along a crew and it was really strange. It was four of us doing everything . It was so quiet. We were so used to having a full house on the van and partying all the time. And that time it felt like there was no one to party with. Now that we bring a team with us it is definitely different. But as a band I like that it's just the three of us. I like it a lot better. Everything is more streamlined and runs way more efficiently now. Anytime you have a bigger group it feels like you have more to carry. I like the fact that we get things done more quickly and efficiently. We don't mess around anymore. Our bass player CODY is very quiet  and he did a lot of the writing for the record . He's very tech savvy. He handles a lot of the tech stuff and the recording and the graphic design . People tend to underestimate him because he's so quiet  but in reality he's a brainchild. Our guitar player BRENT is a social butterfly and hes; really good at interacting with fans. Together we all compliment each other. It's cool to have different skills and mindsets to get things done.

And who all is helping you being the recording console for this upcoming album?
CRAIG OWENS did the production. He's been with us every step of the way from pre-production to the writing and the production.  We also worked with JORDAN DiSORBO who used to be in the band BEFORE THEIR EYES. He did the engineering, the tracking, the mixing and the mastering. We've worked with other people who felt like they knew who we were  as a band  but CRAIG and JORDAN really get us. They are the perfect team for us. These two are immersed in out music and this album that we're about to put out is going to be the album that we always wanted to put out. It will be everything that our first two records should've been.

What songs have you the most excited to get people to hear off of this forthcoming album?
That's hard! I don't want to reveal too much . In the past we'd have one slow song on each album but to be honest with you slow songs are not our forte and we don't play them live anymore. Not in two and a half years because we like our shows to be energetic, crazy and in your face. When you share stages with metal bands and hardcore bands you have to match their energy. With this new album we've expanded on that. We have a ballad. We wanted it to be a deep cut  and we didn't want it to be cheesy. That's not us. There's no name for the song just yet. We made changes to the song just last week but once we made the change we felt that this song was going to be the second single for the album. It's kind of dark and electronic and no ones going to expect that from us but once they hear it and see the video that we have planned for it I think people will be moved by it.

I understand recently that you just completed touring with ADELITAS WAY and SCARLET CANARY.
It was fantastic. ADELITAS WAY is so cool.  They're a band doing their own thing. They are their own managers and they work their own merch. This was our first tour with a bigger band. We book our own tours and get other bands of our stature to join us. ADELITAS WAY was so awesome and Me and RICK DEJESUS were on the same level. We were taking about business and he had so much advice to give. They are such down to Earth people and I hope we can tour with them again.  The SCARLET CANARY tour was crazy. It was an East Coast to West Coast. When we completed the East Coast  leg of the tour closed we decided to drive 30 hours to Montana and our van broke down in us an hour outside of Kansas City. We pushed it too far. The van hadn't had repairs in a while . We tried to fix it ourselves  and it blew coolant everywhere and it totally screwed everything up. We got towed into Kansas City at 2 a.m.  and SCARLET CANARY called us an hour later and asked what was up and gave us a ride in their mini-van with a 5x8 trailer.  We said "hell yeah" without even one thought. We needed to finish the tour and there was no other way. None of us were old enough to rent a van so there were eight of us in a minivan but that ended up being one of the most fun tours.

What sort of reactions have you been able to gauge from CENSOR THIS and it's music video?
It's a mix of things. With the video and the song we were  taking a turn for a mainstream pop sound and most of our older fans have really gotten on board with this one. But there has also been some backlash. A couple of people are saying that the song is too processed  and that the vocals sound too electronically processed  and too pop sounding. People have always thought that  we were a metal band. We put on a heavy show  and we've got this outrageous look but we've never been a metal band. We are more of a pop rock band. Now we want our sound to mature as band and as people. There are always going to be people who like what you do and there are going to be people who don't like what you do. I think the song and it's video are just going to keep growing and growing.







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