(Albuquerque NM, March 12, 2012) announced the winners of the 2012 Rockwired Radio Music Awards in a special 90 minute podcast posted tot he website on Sunday, March 11th. The announcement came at the end of a five-week polling campaign that closed on Friday March 9th. This years winners included two double winners – First Nations rocker Derek Miller for Best Recording by an American Indian Recording Artist/Band for his CD 'Derek Miller w/ Double Trouble' and Best Male Artist and glam rock legend Suzi Quatro for Best Song for her remake of the Rhianna hit 'Breakin' Dishes' and Best Recording (LP) for her 2011 release 'In the Spotlight'. Other winners included Motown songwriting legend Marilyn Mcleod for Best Jazz Recording (a new category) for her CD 'I Believe In Me', American Indian hip hop band Nake Nula Waun for Best Band, Jana Mashonee for Best Female Artist and dance rockers Melvoy for Best Recording (EP) for their CD 'Midnight Make Up'. This year, the winners have been awarded the 'G-Chord' – a symbol of artistic excellence, sheer industriousness and a spirit of independence. “These awards do more than reward artists for making great music.” says Rockwired founder Brian Lush “These awards also acknowledge the fact that these artists have navigated the rough waters of the music industry and have managed to maintain their musical vision despite a lack of major record label support. It is all about celebrating the music maker and all of the artistry and the business smarts that it takes to remain a music maker.”

As for the design of the 'G-Chord' itself Lush says “It [the G chord] was the first chord that I ever learned when I started playing guitar.”

This years polling included two new categories – Best Recording by an American Indian Recording Artist/Band and Best Jazz Recording Both of these inclusions were attributed to the expansion of's programming which included the shows Jazzed and Blue – Profiles in Blues and Jazz and Aboriginal Sounds – A Celebration of Contemporary Native Music. “We are happy and proud to introduce these two new categories. In the past year, the musical palette here at Rockwired has broadened significantly and it was important to reflect that in the polling.”

Lush also admits that the Grammy®'s recent decision to do away with its Native American Music category was a factor in instituting a category for this year. “It's a slap in the face to ignore the musical achievements of Indian people. There are a lot of great Native artists out there and they deserve recognition.”

This award season boasted a record number of American Indian?First Nations winners such as Derek Miller (Six Nations), Jana Mashonee (Lumbee) and Nake Nula Waun (Rosebud Sioux). “This is truly exciting!” exclaims Lush 

First Nations rocker Derek Miller electrified Rockwired listeners with his 2011 release Derek Miller w/ Double Trouble and according to Lush was one of the inspirations for Rockwired to create a show focused on contemporary American Indian music. Other nominees in the Best Recording by an American Indian Artist/Band category included When Darkness Falls, Nake Nula Waun, Shelley Morningsong, The Jir Project Band, Micki Free and Hillbilly Vegas. Other nominees in the Best Male Artist category included Daniel Park, Micki Free, Jason Hemmens, Ostwelve, Alastair Greene and Sal Piamonte. was on the first forums to feature songs from Suzi Quatro's then-forthcoming CD 'In the Spotlight'and the enthusiastic response has resulted in Quatro winning the Best Recording (LP) and Best Song category for her driving rendition of the Rhianna hit 'Breakin' Dishes'. Produced by legendary pop-rock producer Mike Chapman, 'In the Spotlight' was an electrifying return to form for the woman who inspired a young Joan Jett to pick up a guitar. Tens for 'Fighting for a Golden Age', Nake Nula Waun's 'The Definition', Light the Black Skye's 'Looking Out/Looking In', Brian Buckley Band's 'Hysterical Blindness', When Darkness Fall's 'Bloodstone' and My Jerusalem's 'Gone For Good'. The other nominees for Best Song included 'Doubt' by Nake Nula Waun, 'Ecstacy of You' by Derek Miller, 'As If' by the Brian Buckley Band, 'Lord I Pray' by the Von Ehrics, 'Buy and Sell' by Rick Shaffer and 'Fighting For a Golden Age' by The One Through Tens.

Although nominated for four Rockwired Radio Music Awards, Nake Nula Waun went home with Best Band – the first Hip-Hop act to do so in the history of the Rockwired Awards. In 2011, the band also made Rockwired history by being the first band to win Artist of the Month twice. Of all of the categories this year, this race was the tightest as Nake Nula Waun won the category by a mere two votes ahead of The Brian Buckley Band. The other nominees in the Best Band category included Back From Ashes, Against All Will, Light The Black Skye, Egypt Central, Brian Buckley Band and The One Through Tens.

Another close call was Marilyn Mcleod winning the Best Jazz Recording category for her CD 'I Believe In Me'. The woman who penned the Diana Ross hit 'Love Hangover' edged out such jazz luminaries as Diane Schuur and Broadway and television veteran Tom Wopat. The other nominees for Best Jazz Recording are Mozik for their self-titled release, 'Case Sensitive' by Kenny Love, 'Joie de Vivre' by Veronneau, 'The Journey So Far' by Lea Salonga, 'Consider It Swung' by Tom Wopat and 'The Gathering' by Diane Schuur.

Within the past three years, the EP format has practically become the standard format for bands in getting their music out there. Starting in 2009, Rockwired chose to give this medium it's own category – Best Recording (EP). This year;s winner was the San Francisco-based dance rock band Melvoy for their positively thumping release Midnight Make Up. The other nominees in the Best Recording (EP) category include 'Between the Trees' by Back Pocket Memory, 'Smoke N Mirrors' by Dansewolfe, 'Beautiful Chaos' by March Into Paris, 'Drive' by Engloria, 'Blossom and Bloom' by Janet Labelle and 'The Monster I've Become' by All the Right Moves.

In addition to the G-Chord Certificate, winners of the 2012 Rockwired Radio Music Awards are free to advertise any new mp3s. LPs, EPs, or upcoming tours at absolutely no charge up until the next award season.


   ABOUT THE HOST: LUSH holds a BA in Creative Writing from the UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO. He established ROCKWIRED on New Years of 2004 and hasn't looked back since. He is currently the host of all of ROCKWIRED.COM's programming which includes such shows as ROCKWIRED RADIO PROFILES and ROCKWIRED FREE FORM RADIO. As program producer for ROCKWiRED.COM, LUSH is hands-on when it comes to interviewing and building a lasting rapport with the artists that come ROCKWiRED's way. As a youngster, BRIAN LUSH had no idea what kind of seed was being planted by reading magazines such as HIT PARADE, HIGH TIMES, SPIN, REQUEST (remember that one?) and even ROLLING STONE. "Those were the days before the internet and being a rock journalist looked like the coolest job imaginable." says LUSH "But reading these magazines had me imagining that one day I'd be the artist giving all of the clever answers to some poor guy with a tape recorder. Well, life has a way of surprising you. Now, I'm the poor guy with the tape recorder and asking all of the questions."