FEBRUARY 1, 2020
ROCKWiRED NOTES: BREATHiNG THEORY more than ever, a positive mindset is the sort of thing that needs to be encouraged. Maybe even celebrated. Hell, one deserves a badge for getting through times marked by political divisiveness, economic uncertainty and climate change with a big ole smile. The Florida-based band BREATHING THEORY  have made it to me when I spoke with them that their latest album BALANCE is all about embracing a more transcendental state of mind, but that doesn't mean these guys are a bunch of Pollyannas.  BREATHING THEORY has been on the scene for the better part of a decade and have toured the country and shared stages with the likes of  of 12 STONES, BOBAFLEX, SID WILSON from SLIPKNOT, SICK PUPPIES and EVANESCENCE. A more positive attitude aside, the new album BALANCE sounds like a band at its zenith. The two years it took putting the album together sound like time well spent and the first hint of these glorious results comes in the form of the album's first headbanging single THE NOTHING. ROCKWIRED had a chance to speak with front man CORY BRITT and guitarists COLLIN MORRISON and ROB MAHONEY regarding their new album. Here is how the interview went.

As I'm speaking with you guys, your new album BALANCE has just been released. What's all going through your heads as a band now that the music is out there for people to hear?

CORY: It's a transcendent kind of feeling. The songs feel very different now. If you had heard our songs from the past there was the angsty, dark, emotional tone to a lot of the music.  Now with these new songs we took this vibe where the mood is more transcendent. I like to think of it as warm and fuzzy. There is something warm and fuzzy about the new stuff.

COLLIN: Just like CORY said, the music from before had this dark sort of vibe and with these news songs there is a lot of positivity and hope in a lot of the lyrics. There is a different message that comes out in these new songs.

And COLLIN I understand that you had a hand in co-producing this latest album with DAVID MARFITT of INNERFORCE PRODUCTIONS. Talk about how easy or difficult that is to be a member of band and then to step out of that role and work behind the recording console.
COLLIN: It's very difficult to be within your band and with your band mates and then have to be the outside guy as well. It was a tough journey to find what worked for us as a band as far as producing ourselves. In the past we just went into the studio and recorded and that was kind of it. Before, we had the songs already worked out and this time it was a little different.


And ROB what are your thoughts on the album now that it has finally been released?
ROB: The newer songs are the most interesting guitar-wise in my opinion. We took about two years to write and record this album and this is the first album we've done where we've all had a hand in writing it.

BREATHING THEORY has been on the scene for the better part of a decade. When you start or join a band you think it's going to be one but then it becomes something else. What has been the biggest surprise for each of you since the formation of BREATHING THEORY?
CORY: That question is a very tricky question for me because one of the surprises that I never expected was in 2014 when I had to completely rebuild the band with all new members. Everyone that is in the band now was not in the band in 2014. BREATHING THEORY was a band that started as an idea I had formed as a kid in the sixth grade and I kept thinking about it and toying with it and writing songs. Over the years I kept putting pieces of it together until  I was finally eighteen years old and could start booking shows and that was what we did in the beginning stages. We were a lot like CHEVELLE in the beginning stages. I played guitar and along with a bass player and a drummer we just pressed on. We did the three piece thing for years and then over time I got to the point where I realized that I couldn't express myself the way that I want to as a vocalist and as the person who is supposed to portray the message so little by little I worked my way out of playing guitar into being the front man. We did that for a few years. ROB was one of the guitarists in the band during that transitioning phase for the band back in the day but he left after a short while. It's been amazing to see this ladder that we have climbed as a band. We started out as this local band playing little bars and then we had our eyes set on particular venues that we wanted to get into and then we conquered that and then at some point we started touring and none of us realized what touring was going to be like. None of us could even conceive that we were going to be broke and penniless and looking for a place to sleep and shower. We didn't even understand how that aspect of being in a band was going to be. We tried the touring thing for a couple of years and in late 2013 one by one each member was like "Look man! If this is what it's like we're just gonna move on to other things." I was kind of left holding the pieces of BREATHING THEORY in my hand going "what do I do?" This is my child! Do I just walk away from my child? Unfortunately for me, music is something that is ingrained in my DNA. I couldn't stop doing it if I wanted to. I recruited these new band members and it all just fell back into place. We became this new entity as a band. The musicianship became stronger. From there the sky was the limit. We've gotten to where we play HOUSE OF BLUES regularly now and we can put together a tour pretty easily now if we wanted to and we're packing out shows way easier than we ever could in the beginning. So for me, the surprise of getting hit with the curve ball of having to start over again was the biggest surprise.

COLLIN: I can definitely relate to the fact that everything that goes on in a band can be surprising in a way, especially the experience of touring. Once you  do it, there is no way to wrap your head around what the experience is like. That was the biggest surprise for me coming into this band and doing the first couple of tours.

ROB: When we started touring it ended up being some of the best days of my life to be honest with you.

COLLIN there were a lot of rough days riding in a van. Some days were better than others. Some days were a little crazy but there were a lot of good memories.

CORY: There have definitely been a lot of great memories. I'm a free spirit and I love to travel and stuff like that. I would look forward to the idea of getting into a van and drive somewhere. I would get excited about the trip.  I don't think the other guys were too excited about the driving.

So talk about the current line up of BREATHING THEORY. Tell me who they are and what it is you think each of them brings to the table that makes this band work.

CORY: It started with COLLIN coming back into the picture along with a prior bass player that we had. The day COLLIN joined the band I didn't know him. He was this tall lanky guy and I wanted to see what this guy could do. I found him through a CRAIGSLIST ad. So we started jamming and I showed him of the songs that I had been personally writing and we realized there was some potential here. Once I saw that COLLIN was immediately a better guitarist than me and the things he could add and all of the different elements I realized that he was  good fit. I would say that me and COLLIN are probably the most business savvy of the entire band. Even on tour if there is something that is frustrating me COLLIN would be able to keep me at bay and I would be able to do the same for him. You eventually find your counterpart in the band so everything can keep operating as it should. ROB to m is like the laid back guy who you can tell anything to. When I present something to the band I always feel like ROB's input or his thoughts on it are really important. ROB normally doesn't talk much but when he does it is normally something important and it means something.  He's like the SILENT BOB of the group and his skill level on the guitar was way beyond anything that we as a band were ready for. In the beginning we were probably not even wiring music that was worthy of ROB's talent. ROB has got some standards when it comes to musicianship. Our drummer KEGAN has been with us since right after first started touring. He was there during our first tour s a drum tech for a short while. We had already been talking to KEGAN about joining the band but this other guy started talking a good game and going on about all of these connections that he had so we went with that guy. Of course that didn't end up working out and realized immediately that we had to get KEGAN back in. He had the heart, the soul and the drive. We've never had a drummer that truly encompasses the BREATHING THEORY vibe the way that KEGAN does. No matter what we come up with KEGAN always finds the drums for it. We've also got JOEY on bass and he's also got this laid back vibe to him but he's also got his own interesting style. It's like a psychedelic vibe.

COLLIN: Yeah his bass playing kind of has this slap and pop thing going for it. It's not something that you hear a lot of coming from metal guys.

CORY: All of us come from something different. Long before I go into rock music I was into stuff like BACKSTREET BOYS. We all come from a different place and we all brings something different to the band and I think that is what was created this well rounded vibe about us.

Describe the songwriting process in this band. How do you guys go about it?
CORY: Put a blank canvas on the wall and just start throwing things at it.

COLLIN: Every time it is different. Like for the song WAITING FOR THE FALL, CORY already had the whole thing mapped out. I came out right.  It was simple and it just happened. That is how a lot of the older material was done with CORY having a full vision for the songs. With the album BALANCE and the way that we write now, we write together and build the song up piece by piece.

CORY: I had come to realize that by trying to be too heavy or trying to be too rock n roll was a mistake. I found that by doing that I was taking a step backwards. You have to find the melody and you've go to find the right vibe for the song.

COLLIN: It's all about writing a good song.

With the album BALANCE, what is the big idea? What do you want people to come away with after they hear this album?
COLLIN: Over that album has a theme of hope and positivity  but acknowledging that there is a dark side to life too. The album is a  roller coaster story if you listen to the album from beginning to end. It's all about the ups and downs of life and coming out on top with a positive hopeful mindset.

CORY: With all of these songs were trying to convey the message of not allowing yourself to feel like you are the only one who is lost. If listen to this album and hear songs like NOTHING and ESCAPE and roll through them, you are going to hit that vibe. We are all interconnected. The core theme of this album is that you are not the only one.  I hope people come away from this album feeling like they are not the only one. 

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