NOVEMBER 16, 2018

http://www.rockwired.com/CapitalITimes.jpgt's the end of an era for ROCKWIRED.COM! Due to a busy schedule, a change in the times, and perhaps that natural evolution of  an online music publication, ROCKWIRED is stepping out of the podcasting arena that it has been engaged in since 2010 and has officially pulled the plug on it's weekly music program ROCK SHOW. "It really boiled down to not having time to produce a two hour weekly show." Says ROCKWIRED founder BRIAN LUSH, who hosted the show with RITA LOUISE. "The initial response was amazing but finding the time while you've got an online magazine to run was very difficult and becasue of that, the show suffered in terms of output and response. ROCKWIRED is a very serious thing for us and for me. The writing has proven to be more effective than any podcasting that we've been doing. It's something that flies in the face of what everyone tells you about podcasting - that it's more effective than writing or blogging or whatever. Clearly for people that come to ROCKWIRED, what we write is more important and it's been reflected in the traffic that we receive. So, for the foreseeable future, there will be no more podcasting from ROCKWIRED."

Despite ROCKWIRED abandoning podcasting, LUSH does not deny the power of successful podcasting and now that ROCKWIRED is out of the game, he will use his platform to help draw attention to various podcasts and online radio stations in the immediate future. ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE has recently partnered with the fledgling non-profit group THE INTERNET RADIO ORGANIZATION and will work to promote various podasters, online radio hosts and online radio stations with the same gusto as they have independent rock bands and musicians. "Podcasting and the presence of online radio is very important to independent recording artists. It's keeping it all afloat and giving listeners an alternative to what they hear on terrestrial radio. ROCKWIRED maybe out of the game, but we still feel that radio that promotes independent music is something worth championing. And now that we are aligned with THE INTERNET RADIO ORGANIZATION, I'm positive that we can open people's eyes to what all is out there and hopefully make them fans of these shows and outlets."

Additionally, podcasts and online radio stations will get a little some recognition in ROCKWIRED'S upcoming  2019 READER'S POLL AWARDS with the addition of three new categories, BEST ONLINE RADIO SHOW OR PODCAST and BEST ONLINE RADIO STATION.

Ever since the inception of ROCKWIRED.COM, the publication has always been accompanied by some sort of audio accompaniment. From 2005 to 2009, the website worked in conjunction with the weekly online radio show ROCKWIRED LIVE which was featured on the online radio station KTSTFM.COM. In 2010, ROCKWIRED shifted it's attention to producing it's own semi-daily podcast series ROCKWIRED RADIO PROFILES. The initial response to this podcast series was extraordinary and led to the production of other programs such as ABORIGINAL SOUNDS - A CELEBRATION OF AMERICAN INDIAN AND FIRST NATIONS MUSIC and a weekly jazz program called JAZZED AND BLUE - PROFILES IN BLUES AND JAZZ.  As ROCKWIRED turned it's attention to publishing the monthly publication ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE, ROCKWIRED RADIO PROFILES came to an end and was replaced by the weekly two hour podcast ROCK SHOW. "We've had invested in this podcasting movement but now, we've got to focus on being an online magazine and continue with our success in that arena." Says LUSH. "I say this all with a lump in my throat, but as a publication, we've got to do what we've got to do."


http://www.rockwired.com/CapitalB.jpgrian Lush is a music industry professional and entrepreneur. In 2005 he launched the online music site Rockwired.com to help promote new music artists in conjunction with the weekly radio show Rockwired Live which aired on KTSTFM.COM from 2005 - 2009. In 2010 He launched the daily podcast series Rockwired Radio Profiles which features exclusive interviews and music. He has also developed and produced the online radio shows Jazzed and Blue - Profiles in Blues and Jazz, Aboriginal Sounds - A Celebration of American Indian and First Nations Music, The Rockwired Rock N Roll Mixtape Show and The Rockwired Artist of the Month Showcase. In 2012, Brian Lush and his company Rockwired Media LLC launched the monthly digital online publication Rockwired Magazine. The magazine attracts over 75,000 readers a month and shows no signs of stopping. Rockwired Magazine also bares the distinction of being the first American Indian-owned rock magazine. Brian Lush is an enrolled member of the Yankton Sioux Tribe. Brian Lush's background in music journalism, radio and podcast hosting, podcast production, web design, publicity, advertising sales, social media and online marketing, strategic editorial planning and branding have all made Rockwired a name that is trusted and respected throughout the independent music industry.

CONTACT BRiAN LUSH AT: djlush@rockwired.com