NOVEMBER 1, 2017


hings have been very eventful for POLARITY with the release of ACTION POTENTIAL not too long ago, how would you describe your emotions both going into the album and it's release? 
It's certainly been one hell of a roller coaster ride. Overall a great learning and memorable experience. Initially starting off with feeling excited and hopeful to finally just a feeling of satisfaction and relief. It did take alot longer than we expected it to with regards to production time. Fortunately we feel it was definitely worth the long wait!

What was it like working with TOOL producer DAVID BOTTRILL on the new album? In what ways did he help you expand on your sound?
Still very much a dream come true! DAVID is a wonderful human being not only to work with but also to be around with. When we're not talking about music and the album he's literally chilling with us like a good friend who's known you for years. His charisma and his passion when it comes to analyzing song writing is what really helped shape our sound today. He's helped us to look through our songs like a cinematic storybook with every little detail and every little nuance. He helps us to bring about the strongest best parts of our music to the forefront.


You've faced quite a bit of adversity as a band throughout the process of making this, how do you feel as though you overcame it and do you feel that it had an influence on the outcome of the album?
It definitely wasn't easy. Some of the challenges were pretty tough at times. During this process of recording the album and shortly before finally releasing it we parted ways with two original founding members and had to adjust with new replacements to help take up the mantle. They've done a tremendous job at that and continue to help push the band forward into the future. We felt this entire trip as a heavy learning experience and feel very fortunate that because it took as long as it did the quality and the vision of what we wanted was best represented.

How do you feel as though you have evolved personally and evolved as a band coming out of this and now down the road in support of it?
I feel personally and as a band we're stronger than ever. We made mistakes, learned new techniques, visited new places our music never went to before and finally wrote songs that meant alot to us. We gave it our all and didn't hold back anything. We use this very same mindset and accomplishment to help us down the road for future tours and albums!

Do you have a favourite song on the album is your favourite whether it be collectively or individually?
There are so many songs we love off the album. My personal favorite would be EVENT HORIZON and THE FIGHT. EVENT HORIZON because it's a space time driven song that feels like it takes you to another interstellar dimension all the while awakening your full potential and meaning in life. The Fight because it represents the conflict and the grind you need to go through in order to survive and succeed. 

How do you feel as though the songs from the ACTION POTENTIAL sound when played live in comparison to the album?
To be honest we did some very minor tweaks with the songs played live now after the album was recorded. Some of it due to hindsight after going through the recording process. Some of it because we happen to naturally evolve as musicians after the album was done and wanted to try new things live. Some of it due to feedback with new members who came in from after the album was done mainly as new perspectives and interpretations of certain nuances with the songs. You'll just have to see us live to hear the comparisons ;)

For the stragglers who haven't listened to you guys yet, where are they able to purchase your music?
Our music is available on ITUNES, BANDCAMP, APPLE MUSIC and also through our merch store at BIG CARTEL.

Outside of the music, what have you been doing with your personal time if you have any?
Everyone in the band has side passions that they follow outside of the band. ERIC the drummer is a full time fitness trainer. JASMINE our vocalist is also a newly certified fitness trainer but also teaches vocals and creates visual artwork (check out www.gardenofmyart.com). MATT is a videographer/ video editor / director of photography on set of many films commercials and documentaries. ADRIAN is a DJ who does weddings clubs and live gigs. I myself teach music lessons for guitar bass and piano. I also study and practice various forms of martial arts and aspire to someday teach my own students.


What's next for POLARITY after this? How long until you get visas and come into the states to tour?
We're now working on a new EP that's set to be released in the new year (yes already going back to the studio soon lol). It won't be the length of ACTION POTENTIAL and it will be the first album written together with the newer members so expect to hear an even newer more evolved sound of POLARITY. We're still working on eventually coming down to the U.S. to tour just a matter of time to work out some new possible opportunities coming down the pipeline in the new year. We're hopeful and looking forward to it!

When you are able to finally make it to the US to tour, what can Americans expect? Even for people in your own country, what can they expect when they go see you live?
Expect a live experience more so than just another rock concert. You will feel the music as opposed to just listening to it. You will feel the energy come alive as we take you on a journey of the senses. 

In conclusion, I'd like to give you guys a platform to speak about whatever you'd like whether it be to push a future tour, album, to give thanks, to wag your fingers at DONALD TRUMP..this is your space to do as you please! I would also like to say thank you as it has been 4 years since our 1st interview and that setting all of my ramblings, shenanigans, and interviews at ROCKWiRED off. I love you guys more than you'll ever know!
Just wanted to say once again thank you for being there along with us for the ride. We very much appreciate all the love you give us and we can't wait to finally share our music live with you all. Much thanks to you JEREMY you've been there with us although we've yet to meet in person we promise someday soon it'll happen :) Thanks everyone and be sure to continue helping us spread the word. Tell all your friends and everyone you know to check us out online. Peace out y'all and be excellent to each other! 


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