NOVEMBER 29, 2017


ehind the band RED VELVET CRUSH is the steely determination of it's frontwoman JILLIAN RISCOE. Nothing has been able to deter this young woman from living the rock n roll dream. We first became acquainted with her back in 2009 when she was a solo artist plugging her self titled solo album. Many spend their lives in rock band after rock band and eventually find their voice as a solo artist, but RISCOE felt that having a band was the way to go. Along with guitarist and co-songwriter DANIEL MENDALA, she formed RED VELVET CRUSH and let the world in on their dynamic approach to music. Is it rock with a pop sensibility or is it pop with a rock n roll attitude? It's hard to care about what order it goes in when you've got something this catchy. RED VELVET CRUSH released their debut EP SMOKE AND MIRRORS in 2013 and are now knee deep in the promotion of their follow up EP CRYSTAL CLEAR which takes their hard driving pop rock sensibilities a giant step forward as evidenced by their latest single and music video STATE OF EMERGENCY.

JILLIAN RISCOE of RED VELVET CRUSH talked to us briefly about the new music video for STATE OF  EMERGENCY and the band's plans to attend the NAMM Conference in Anaheim in January 2018. Here is how it went.

Who all did you guys work with in putting the video for STATE OF EMERGENCY together? They deserve a shout out.
We worked with C. EVAN MEDIA. That's CODY EVAN HOFFMAN - the bass player, from CITY OF THE WEAK. We've been friends with him for years and we've always liked his video work with his own band and others. We went all the way up to Saint Paul, Minnesota to work with him and we filmed the video in an old historic loft.


And why was STATE OF EMERGENCY earmarked for a music video out of all of the songs on the latest EP?
Every song on the EP CRYSTAL CLEAR is different from one another. It contains all of the elements of  who RED VELVET CRUSH  is as a band. The song STATE OF EMERGENCY shows that we are a pop rock band with a strong pop side and a strong rock side. With this music video, we wanted to make a statement about setting yourself free and moving on from a situation where things aren't as awesome as they should be or as good as you want them to be. In a state of emergency, you either stay and fix it and make it better or you move on. I just felt like this song was the one. I can't think of a more solid reason as to why we went with this one. We just felt it was a good song that represents the EP.

And what have been some of the reactions been to the music video?
We did a music video premiere a week and a half ago before we went to Nashville. The responses have been great. When you're putting out your creation  to the world, you're excited  but you're nervous about how it will be received. So far the response to it has been really positive. We've been getting some great feedback. People are liking the song and sharing it . We haven't had a video in a few years and it's great to have something that represents us visually.

Personally, I'm happy to see that you guys are going to be attending the upcoming NAMM conference in January. I hope we can meet up in Albuquerque on your way out there.
Of course. We are really looking forward to it. I love the drive through New Mexico, Arizona and Utah to get to California. It's so pretty. It's always a magical experience for us. Inspirational even. It's been a couple of years sine we were there last so we really want to get out there, play some shows and have some fun.



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