OCTOBER 30, 2017


t the core of a every kick ass rock band is a strong, sturdy bass player and they don't get stronger and sturdier than ROGER CAPPS. For ten years, he laid down one mean four string in support of that GRAMMY-winning rock n roll coloratura PAT BENATAR. This guy goes all the way back that woman's cabaret singing days as part of the jazz quartet COXON'S ARMY in Richmond, Virginia. When BENATAR was getting too big for RICHMOND she moved to New York City to pursue that often times elusive rock n roll dream, and invited CAPPS with her to help develop a sound that was going to capture the ears of a record company and get this woman's career to the next level. CAPPS and BENATAR developed an electrifying night club act at the comedy club CATCH A RISING STAR and caught the ears of the big boys at CHRYSALIS RECORDS. Before anyone could blink, BENATAR was signed and the woman's rock n roll vision came to fruition thanks to NEIL GIRALDO - a young hot shot guitar player fresh off of a recording and touring gig with RICK DERRINGER. As the bass player in BENATAR's band, CAPPS traveled the world, co-wrote such tracks as HELL IS FOR CHILDREN and played on all of BENATAR's platinum albums IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT (1979), CRIMES OF PASSION (1980), PRECIOUS TIME (1981), GET NERVOUS (1982), LIVE FROM EARTH (1983) and TROPICO (1984).


This edition of ROCKWIRED.COM'S ROCK SHOW was a most unexpected pleasure. Not only did we think we would be doing another edition, we certainly never expected to speak with CAPPS. Earlier this week, we published an article titled 30 MOMENTS THAT MADE ROCK LEGEND PAT BENATAR A BOSS in light of the fact that she has a new single DANCING THROUGH THE WRECKAGE which is climbing the BILLBOARD A/C CHARTS. The article has been getting some favorable responses but the one that surprised us the the most was a response from BENATAR's original bass player himself. CAPPS was agreeable to having a talk with ROCKWIRED and in our interview with him we discuss how he met BENATAR in Richmond, Virginia, The songwriting process that took place between the two on such tracks as MY CLONE SLEEPS ALONE, SO SINCERE and the classic rock staple HELL IS FOR CHILDREN. There are also some laugh-out-loud stories to tell. One of them involved DICK CAVETT and how CAPP's underwear ended up in his soup. There is also some insight into his former bandmates, his side of the story of writing HELL IS FOR CHILDREN and the reason for his departure form the BENATAR camp. Because of how quickly this whole thing came together, we at ROCKWIRED thought it wiser to post this onto YOUTUBE with some rare photos provided by CAPPS.




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