OCTOBER 22, 2017


ESTAROSSA, you were formerly known as GRACEFUL REGRET. What brought about the name change?
We had a slight personnel change as well as a slight change in vision for the band. Things have gotten so heavy and uptight in both the world and and the music scene lately, we decided we wanted to create music and a vibe to combat that. We are a brazen, unashamed, simplistic, rock-n-roll party band. We want people to have a good time at our shows, not hear us sing songs about how bad our home life is and how our parents are making us get jobs. The TESTAROSSA is one of the sexiest cars made during the decadent 80's. That's the vibe we are going for, sexy and decadent. It's ironically very new and refreshing in today's scene. Funny thing is, FACEBOOK wouldn't let us change our band name for over a month because they claimed we were misleading people (whatever that means). It was a major ordeal.

In stepping into this TESTAROSSA era, how do you feel that you as members have grown as people or musicians?
BUDDY'S still the same height. REDMAN (our new bassist) is really young so he's still growing... nah just kidding. In all seriousness, we are finally on the same page, same book. We got a vision that isn't blurred by what's going on around us. Musically we are pushing each other to break away from the past and create a sound that is unique to us. We all have the same goal in mind, sell everybody a good time and make it profitable (haha). Everyone in the group has their acts together. We are all making sacrifices in our personal lives to really push the boundaries of what a local band is capable of doing.  The music we currently are writing is hands down the best stuff any of us have ever been involved in.

How would you describe your current style and what are your biggest influences?
Rock-N-Roll. We get the crowd shakin like a bad ball joint on your daddy's 89 CAMARO. We consider ourselves "your girl's favorite band" and the greatest thing since the slap chop. We are the most okayest party rock band. You can sing along with most of our songs the first time you ever hear them. A lot of our tunes are light hearted and humorous, because everyone is so uptight now days. Our style can be summed up by "hey bud, let's party." Biggest influences is a tough one, there is so much great music out there we take influence from many bands and artists. From TAYLOR DAYNE to GNR to ASKING ALEXANDRIA we find influential elements that shape our music almost anywhere. However, we take influence more so in how a song makes you feel than we do in particular genres. The song isn't much of a song if you don't feel anything when you listen to it. These aren't complex emotions we are evoking either.  We write songs that you can drink to, fight to, and make love to. All the things that make the world go around.

I heard that you guys recently recorded some new material, when can we look forward to it being released?
Gonna go out on a limb and say the 3 song ep will be out within the next month as well as some possible videos. The full length album-- we are shooting for MARCH. It's gonna be mad decent.

In what ways as a band do you feel as though you stand out among other bands?
Completely different vibes. Whatever happened to the days when it was ok to have an extended guitar solo mid set and wear white leather pants?Also we sound like something you've never heard. We have a rhythm section that drives the song straight into your gut followed by savory guitar work that is nothing short of virtuous, garnished with vocals that reek of pipe tobacco and bourbon. It's a four course meal and guess what's for dessert?

Do you have any current plans for small tours or are you currently focusing on the recording and release of your first album?
Currently we are focusing on recording our debut. We have 30+ songs so we have been debating on what goes and what stays. We still play shows just not as frequently right now. We've recently done a few charity shows, but our focus is getting the best product we can produce so that we can go door to door and sell this stuff like a pricey vacuum cleaner.


Do you have any bands that you look forward to playing with in the local music scene or that you just simply want to give a shoutout to?
There are plenty of great bands out there that we've played with like BEYOND THE FADE, OSARA, SOMETHING CLEVER, REASON/DEFINE, and A LIGHT DIVIDED. They are all great to play with. If we forgot to mention you, we are sorry. Our memory is about as bad as our taste in apparel. Many bands have been absolutely awesome to us.

Will you be paying any sort of tribute to HARAMBE?
Actually we are working on a two record concept album to pay tribute.  SPICY BOI PART 2 and WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE: SURVIVING THE CINCINNATI ZOO. Got some real chart toppers on it as well as some very special guest such as the drummer from HANSON and HOOTIE from HOOTIE AND THE BLOWFISH BAND.

With this new era for the band, what are your goal, where do you plan on taking this, and how do you hope to further grow as musicians?
We want nothing more than to play music and be successful doing it. Our life savings and our pride is dependent on it so we really have no choice but total world domination. We try really hard to not suck and I think we are pretty good at that sometimes. So like us in Facebook because your girlfriend and mother already have


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