NOVEMBER 28, 2017


HE CHROMA DIVIDE, how did you come up with the bands name and how long have you been together?
NICK: We came up with the name amongst a few others. This one just kind of felt right. We like to blend different genres, kind of like colors in a painting. Each individual part stands on its own, but together it comes together as one. And that's what we are trying to accomplish. Establishing our own sound, but doing it our own way.

Tell me a bit about yourselves, how did all of you meet and group together to form the band?
CAMERON: We're from small town CHINA GROVE, NC. We've all played together in some capacity. This is the first time we've all been together in the same project though. We just got tired of trying to fit a certain genre. We wanted to make our music, and create our own sound. We've been overwhelmed by the support we've gotten. It's really motivating us to push our own limits and create something spectacular.

Do you have any current releases out as of yet or are you planning on a release within the next year?
CAMERON: We're wrapping up production on our debut EP, AMARANTHINE. We're also about to shoot a video for our song FRAGMENTS. We should be geting those out there around the spring. I'm so excited to release this record. It's so amazing to see all your work and emotion come together. We can't wait to share it with the world.


You've been playing several live shows, how would you describe your energy and turnout? What do people who just happen to walk in to whatever venue have to expect?
BRYAN: I would personally consider ourselves a highly energetic band in general. Whether it is the music itself, or our stage presence.I'm the drummer and I have literally one dynamic and that is balls to the walls, which can be good and bad sometimes. We have had really good turnouts to have been playing shows for a short amount of time. I mean we aren't packing stadiums or anything right now,but I do feel like word of mouth is starting to travel and people are venturing out on their own to see us play.As far as what to expect....you really can expect anything. Do not expect to be bored. I personally think that each song we have is different in its own way.For the most part just expect good music.

A lot of people bitch about the CHARLOTTE music scene lacking diversity and being stale, what do you feel sets you apart from other bands in the region?
JIMMY: I donít personally believe that CHARLOTTE is lacking or stale. However I do think it's hard to grow in the CHARLOTTE area as a band. The music industry in general has taken a huge hit because of the internet, and less people are willing to go out and enjoy live music. That makes it hard on venues which hurts the underground scene in CHARLOTTE. I think thereís a fair amount of punk influence in the CLT underground scene and we have generally stayed away from that genre. I believe what sets us apart is the diversity of our individual musical influences.  I personally come from a very Jazz/Fusion, Funk, Gospel oriented way of playing bass, which translates of a lot of moving bass lines and a generous amount of improv. Our guitar players come from different backgrounds as well such as hard rock and metal on one end and softer sides such as JOHN MAYER-styled music on another end.  Our drummer is an exceptional hardcore drummer, but his extensive and diverse experience allows him to adapt to pretty much anything thrown at him. NICK, our vocalist has some of the best vocal ranges I have heard come out of CHARLOTTE in a while and thatís definitely a plus. I would say what sets us apart from the other bands is our individual talent and how we are able to apply our different musical backgrounds into a blend of songs that sound completely different, yet retain a very familiar tone about them. We always strive to cause eargasms.

In what ways do you feel as though you can improve as a band and work to grow?
JIMMY: When it comes to what I personally think we could improve on, the first thing that comes to mind is just discipline and polish.I donít have too many negative things to say about the band. I think we are more solid than many up and coming bands. Individually, we are very talented. Itís just a matter of refining our sound and finding the right glue that will cement us as a powerhouse band. I believe people like our music but if we can really hone in on the details, whether it's a guitar part or adding structure to a guitar solo, or even figuring out when to harmonize and when not to, we can be very successful.

Are there any bands from your area that you would recommend reader to check out?


In 20 years where do you see yourselves as a band or at least in the next 2 years?
BRYAN: 20 years is a little far out for me to think about for life in general. I do know that I would like to see our songs released online. Also we have a music video that we are to begin shooting for shortly that I am really excited about. I've never been in a "legit" music video other than cover videos. I'd also like to be playing more shows, and hopefully have a growing online and local fanbase after our releases.

Lastly, I want to give you guys a platform to promote whatever you would like whether it be screeching about RICK AND MORTY meme sauce or telling that girl from 8th grade that turned you down to fuck off....all yours...
First of all, thanks for reading this! We want to take a moment to show some love for our fans, friends and family members.We couldn't be doing any of this without you all. Your support has been tremendous, and we are truly thankful for each and every one of you. Every musician dreams of making music a career. But what seperates those who are successful and those who are not is drive. We love what we do and work hard on our craft everyday, even after a full work day at our jobs. We will continue to pursue our dreams, and hopefully we can all take this ride together! 

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