THE JESUS REHAB EMERGES ViCTORiOUS AS ROCKWiRED.COM's JANUARY ARTiST OF THE MONTH!!! 3, 2011 - The polls have closed for ROCKWIRED.COM's first ever ARTIST OF THE MONTH campaign. Voters from all over the U.S. and around the world made their vote count and THE JESUS REHAB walked away the winner with only a two-vote lead over THE MATT BURKE BAND out of 1500 voters. THE JESUS REHAB left a huge impression with their album 'THE  HIGHEST HIGHS AND THE LOWEST LOWS' and its joyous first single 'IF IT FEELS GOOD IT IS GOOD'. With all of the slick packaging that goes into rock n roll these days from its power chords to endorsement deals, it's easy to forget that the fundamentals of the genre were built on irreverence and attitude. Hailing from Seattle, THE JESUS REHAB eschew the overwrought seriousness and flannel shirts that have come to be symbolic of the city's sound and reputation and instead serve up a knockout rock n roll punch with wit, personality and most importantly melody on the album THE HIGHEST HIGHS AND THE LOWEST LOWS. Yes sir, this band is more on the order of THE FLAMING LIPS and PAVEMENT than PEARL JAM or ALICE IN CHAINS and their quirky melodic arrangements couldn't be more refreshing given the dearth of rock bands these days that have anything worth skipping back to on the ol' i-pod shuffle.

Other nominees for ARTIST OF THE MONTH included THE MATT BURKE BAND, SWEETKISS MOMMA, BRANDON MCHOSE, LE KAT, KELLY LEE EVANS, 49 STONES. THE JESUS REHAB actually tied THE MATT BURKE BAND with 33% of the vote but the former actaully came out on top by two extra votes. Following them was teh Kansas City based 49 STONES with 25% of the vote. "This was indeed an exciting campaign and one that we will be happy to continue on a monthly basis here at ROCKWIRED" says ROCKWIRED founder BRIAN LUSH. "Events like this have a way of exciting the listeners and bringing new people to ROCKWIRED. Doing this on a monthly basis, I feel, is going to give ROCKWIRED that little extra jolt."

ROCKWIRED.COM will be launching its latest ARTIST OF THE MONTH campaign on January 3, 2011. Nominees for the latest wave include INLIKE, LOUSY ROBOT, ADAM RADER, BRENNAN DYLAN, DISTORTED FATE, OF GOD AND SCIENCE and ELEVEN DOLLAR LIFE. Polling is provided by MICROPOLL and is as simple as making a selection and clicking 'vote'. "MICROPOLL has made the job of tallying votes much easier." says LUSH. "The service that they provide is invaluable and it's always fascinating to see where the responses are coming from."

While there is no trophy or huge payday for being an ARTIST OF THE MONTH winner, the benefits that come along with the title include expanded coverage and promotion. An ARTIST OF MONTH winner is awarded a month's worth of free site-wide advertising on ROCKWIRED.COM. A 60-second commercial spot promoting the winner and their album will be featured during every edition of ROCKWIRED RADIO PROFILES for an entire month.  The winner is also featured in a special edition of ROCKWIRED RADIO PROFILES.  Banners are also given to the winners to further promote their ARTIST OF THE MONTH status on their own website or press packets. Lastly, winners are mentioned on all ROCKWIRED-related announcements/press materials.

"I'm pleased to congratulate THE JESUS REHAB on their ARTIST OF THE MONTH victory!" says LUSH. "THese guys are real troopers! They saw what they wanted and went for it despite line up changes and all of the things that can sidetrack or even dissolve a band. Despite all of that, these guys are still around and making the damn thing happen!"


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