DECEMBER 5, 2013


The year  is coming to a close and  ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE presents our EDITOR'S CHOICE  featuring a list of 25 artists who made the year rock. You can check out who made the cut n the latest edition of ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE or you can hear it straight from the editor's mouth in this special series of podcasts showcasing these artists and their music! Recorded on the fly in the last few hours of completing the current issue  ROCKWIRED editor BRIAN LUSH  speaks frankly and fondly about the artists that made the year exciting. were putting together a special issue for February 2013 called LET ME HEAR YOU SHOUT!! BLACK ARTISTS AND ENTREPRENEURS IN ROCK!!! and with very little time or resources to assist in putting the thing together we sent out blasts where we could and one of the people that hit us back was the band BONZ. As the editor, I had always wanted to do an issue where black rock artists were celebrated. While the issue didn't give us the numbers that we would've liked it was still a pretty bad ass edition containing profiles on many fine artists. Some of them have even found their way onto this list. Guitarist CURT TAYLOR and front man BONZ(formerly the front man for STUCK MOJO) form the creative nucleus of this new project and when I spoke to both of them they were on the verge of releasing their debut EP and beginning a cycle of touring but when speaking with BONZ it was clear the acrimony over his firing from STUCK MOJO was still quite tangible. Despite pain from the past the hard hitting tracks from their 2013 EP (which were heard for the first time here at ROCKWIRED) had every bit of the piss and vinegar of BONZ former band and then some. As the year progressed that band would also earn other accolades such as CURT TAYLOR being named as ROCKWIRED's 25 GUITARISTS THAT YOU'VE GOT TO HEAR. Personally I would love the chance to catch up with these guys again. the age of LADY GAGA it is imperative for pop music to have a look but that imperative has been lost on the rock crowd. In a recent issue ROCKWIRD MAGAZINE pointed out the uniformity of rock n roll of late but one artist that we featured in our May 2013 issue managed to capture our eyes, ears and imagination. Simply known as THE VENETIAN, this export from Venice Italy made his presence known with clown make up, a jester's costume and guitar and a sense of theatricality that we haven't heard or seen since the likes of ZIGGY STARDUST era DAVID BOWIE or QUEEN. It has been brought to our understanding that THE VENETIAN has now has a brand new release and we are all too excited to see what this mysterious performer has to bring to the table the next time around. has the power to make you a believer. And thanks to LAURA MENDOZA of WHITE SHAG, ROCKWIRED believes. You see one night we were working on a special issue for April 2013 called A FEW GOOD WOMEN ROCKWIRED GIVES IT UP FOR WOMEN WHO ROCK and after two bands that we were eager to profile had flaked the issue was starting to look paltry. While fuming over the lack of content I checked my email and got a message from bassist and front woman LAURA MENDOZA requesting air time for her band and their brand new self-titled EP. Needless to say I called her up right then and there and we got eh interview squared away. ROCKWIRED has always had a thing for strong female fronted bands and WHITE SHAG gave that to us in abundance with a heavy fucking sound that combined the likes of LED ZEPPELIN and SUZI QUATRO. They were just one of the many bands that came to us from the Motor City this year and they are one of three to make onto the year end list. an American Indian-owned publication you the reader can expect to read and hear about some pretty exciting sounds coming out of Indian Country whether it be from the U.S. Or Canada. The former bass player for the legendary rez rock band INDIGENOUS, BUFALO MAN has extended his dexterity toward the six string and launched a solo project called BLACK OWL SOCIETY which boasts the a raw R.L. BURNSIDE styled blues stomp and a howl that don't sound too dissimilar from CHRIS CORNELL. In profiling BLACK OWL SOCIETY the family drama that tore the band INDIGENOUS asunder made for a fascinating conversation but this new music isn't about getting lost in the past. The new music is about letting people know what the hell is going on in Indian Country. do whatever we can at ROCKWIRED to follow the bands that we have featured and it's always exciting to see the bands evolve form one thing to another. When we first profiled PSYCHOTHERMIA on our fledgling podcast ROCKWIRED RADIO PROFILES back in 2010 they were known as CANNOBLIS and they were hitting the road hard in support of their album PSYCHOTHERMIA. Now the band is hitting the road even harder but because of legal issues brought on by an ex-guitarist the band is now known as PSYCHOTHERMIA and in 2013 they became a ROCKWIRED ARTIST OF THE MONTH on the strength of their album FALL TO THE RISING SUN. The rock n roll dream is one of the hardest things to attain but you get a sense form these guys that they are here for the love of the music and being on the road and all of the hi-jinx that goes with it. BRiAN LUSH (FOUNDER, EDiTOR-iN-CHiEF)
BRIAN LUSH holds a BA in Creative Writing from the UNiVERSITY OF NEW MEXiCO. He established ROCKWIRED on New Years of 2004 and hasn't looked back since. From January 2005 to March 2009, LUSH was the host of the weekly internet radio show ROCKWiRED LiVE. He produced the program for the AMERiCAN RADIO NETWORK. As the editor-in-chief for ROCKWiRED MAGAZiNE, LUSH is hands-on when it comes to interviewing and building a lasting rapport with the artists that come ROCKWiREDs way. As a youngster, BRIAN LUSH had no idea what kind of seed was being planted by reading magazines such as HIT PARADE, HIGH TIMES, SPIN, REQUEST (remember that one?) and even ROLLING STONE. "Those were the days before the internet and being a rock journalist looked like the coolest job imaginable. says LUSH  "But reading these magazines had me imagining that one day I'd be the artist giving all of the clever answers to some poor guy with a tape recorder. Well, life has a way of surprising you. Now, I'm the poor guy with the tape recorder and asking all of the questions.