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MAX MORGAN is most certainly U.K. rock god material with his athletic build and MARC BOLAN styled locks. Having taken his queue from rock giants such as BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, BON JOVI, and U2, the 21 year-old MORGAN is on the eve of releasing his debut CD 'INTERRUPTING THE SILENCE' (CHIME ENTERTAINMENT - MARCH, 2009) and has just released the albums first single 'WAIT FOR ME' - an obvious, yet glimmering piece of pop rock that will no doubt be on play lists throughout the U.S. and maybe even beyond. Produced by veteran producer MARC TANNER (AEROSMITH, MADONNA, and THE CALLING), 'INTERRUPTING THE SILENCE' will without a doubt break the silence for this U.K. pop rock expatriate who now calls Southern California home.

ROCKWIRED spoke with MAX MORGAN over the phone. Here is how it went.

How long have you been Stateside?
When I was seventeen, my family moved to Orange County. Me wanting to be a singer was definitely in mind when we moved out there, but it was a family move as a whole. I made my way up to Los Angeles when I was nineteen.

Where in Orange in County?
In Laguna Beach. It was the same year that show on MTV started so it made for a very interesting time. I moved there in the two weeks before my junior year of high school started, so it made for a very interesting experience in my last two years of high school. It gave me plenty of writing material.

What did you think of Orange County?
I would say that the MTV show is not remotely blown up. It's not untrue. It may be glorified slightly, but it's not as staged as they like to portray it to be so what you see in the movies about Orange County is true. It doesn't mean that it is a horrendously evil place. There are really good people there but the cars that you drive in high school and outside of high school and what clothes you wear are significantly important. It may float some peoples boats and for others not so much. There are many facets to the area though. It's crazy! I'll just put it that way. It's an interesting place.

Where in England do you hail from?
I was born in Liverpool. I only found out a year ago that I was born in the same hospital as JOHN LENNON. I wish I had known who he was when I ws one day old so I could rub my face against the wall and try to absorb some JOHN LENNON.

I'm pretty sure that after World War II all of the JOHN LENNON-ness in that hospital was destroyed by the bombings.
You're probably right.

You have the single coming out on November 25 and the album coming out in March. What's going through your mind right now about both releases?
Pure excitement. I'm on the road and this is my last night  out  and this is the first leg of my promotional tour. We've been making the rounds on the east coast and it's been a long time coming in the sense that we've been preparing this journey for a while and writing the songs and making sure the songs are right and recording the album and making sure that everything was where I wanted to be. Everybody who was involved in the process was happy to be there and on the same page. Up to this point, everything has been preparing for the big game and being out here on this tour is real. I'm in the game now. For me, it's exciting! The ball is rolling. Each step is a baby step in the direction of where I want to be going. It all feels good. I was in New York a couple days ago and at VH-1 and at SIRIUS and AOL and Z-100. I've been to so many places and have seen so many people and every place I'm going, my job is to get up there and play my songs and everyone has been responding very well so I can't wait to take this band out to play these songs in the new year. It's finally happening. So to answer your question in one word; excitement.

How did music begin for you?
It was always there. My dad was a professional soccer player so I traveled around the country with him and to be honest, soccer was what I did from birth to fourteen everyday but what happened was I was in choirs and playing musical instruments and what happened when I turned fourteen is that I really started to pay attention to these bands. I really liked what BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN was doing and seeing the videos and the concert performances. In my early teens, I also started going to concerts and I was like 'Whoah! This is a world that really interests me!' So I started doing bands. The music was always there. I always loved listening to music on the radio. I always liked pop songs and hooks and big siongs. Even when I was little, I was dancing around to such things so it was always in my mind. By the time I hit fourteen, that was it. I was done. Soccer faded away for me and music was it. Bottom line.

What prompted you to sit down and write your own music?
The inspiration of seeing these people in these stadium concerts such as BON JOVI, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN and U2 and seeing the people in these stadiums and looks on their faces. Anyone who goes to a concert - anywhere in the world - you are never going to see a sad face at a concert. You're just not. It is the one place where you can guarantee that everyone is flippin' happy, out-of-their-mind ecstatic or heading that way. They go there to escape and that is what I love about music. You can put on a record in your home or in your car and it takes you to somewhere that you want to be. Even if you listen to music and you're sad, it's comforting.

Explain how a song gets written for you.
It happens in a lot of different ways. There is no specific way that I sit down and do it. Sometimes it comes from a title, or a melody that you like. For instance the song 'WAIT FOR ME' - that chorus kind of happened in one moment with the chords the words, the music, and everything. There is no set way for me. There is no particular formula. Sometimes I'll be in the mood. like on the song 'SUFFER' on the album. That song was about a specific time and a specific person and I wanted to write that song and I wanted to say this and that to that person and that song came easily. Sometimes, the process can take a while. Sometimes it takes a few weeks to get the song to where it needs to be and sometimes it takes an hour or so. There really isn't a set way. I wish there was so I could keep with doing it the same way. The fact that it is different almost every time is what makes it exciting.

Now talk about who you worked with you on this forthcoming debut album.
MARC TANNER was the man in the producer's seat. He's worked with AEROSMITH, MADONNA, and THE CALLING.I wrote all of the songs on 'INTERRUPTING THE SILENCE' with MARC. I would have these ideas for a verse and chorus and a verse and a bridge. I would have lyrics and MARK would be at the sound board filling in the spaces for me . He was the one who put the final pieces of the puzzle together. It was always my thoughts, words and ideas, but MARK helped me to find my way. So I was so fortunate that the man in the driver's seat allowed that to happen. He offered everything that he had but he did it in such a way that it meant that it was still mine and not something that he put on to me. He was a real mentor.

From 'INTERRUPTING THE SILENCE' are there any tracks that stand out for you at the moment and why?
I've got to be honest. I can't pick out a track. It changes from week to week generally. When we made the album, I wrote a lot of songs because I didn't want an album where there were a couple of songs that people were going to like and the rest were for nothing. I am very proud of this album from track one to eleven. People have asked me what other songs off of this album that I see as singles and it honestly changes from day to day. This week, I'm really feeling the song SUFFER. I don't know why that song is ringing more true for me more so than 'NOBODY'S COMING TO MY RESCUE' or 'TROUBLE', but for this week, it's 'SUFFER'.

You're in Massachusetts right now. How many more dates do you have?
This is it. We've been going for two weeks. We started in Des Moines Iowa and we worked our way through Indianapolis, Chicago, and New York. It's nice to round it out in a cool place like Boston. We got to meet some cool people here. We'll be going out in January and we'll be hitting the Southern states and the West coast.

Since this whole journey has started for you, what has been the biggest surprise for you?
What has surprised me is how cool everybody is in the music industry. That has been the biggest surprise . Obviously every industry has it's horror stories and they make their way down the grapevine but for me, doing this tour and meeting all of these radio guys and going to all of these clubs on Sunset Strip, the majority of these people have been pretty bloody cool. At this point in my career and I admit that I'm not that far into it yet  - I've met a lot of people in this industry that really love music.

What would like a person to come way with after they've heard 'INTERRUPTING THE SILENCE'?
For them to find the truth for themselves. I would like for them to walk away feeling like the album has had an effect. Whatever effect it has on them as an individual is out of my control entirely, because that is what has happened when I listen to the artists that I love such as U2, OASIS, ELTON JOHN, and BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN. All of these artist have impacted me in a certain way and when I listen tot there songs, it makes me feel a certain way, so I hope that everyone that listens to the album will be able to find a track on it and a specific line that means something to them. That's all I can ask for and hopefully it compels to them to come to my show and see me on stage with my big raucous rock band.