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MARILYN SCOTT's long awaited CD INNOCENT OF NOTHING is a flawless collection of jazz pop served up with the help of jazz luminaries GEORGE DUKE, PATRICE RUSHEN, VINNIE COLAIUTA and JIMMY HASLIP and RUSSELL FERRANTE of THE YELLOWJACKETS. While the roster is impressive in itself, no one would be talking if it wasn't topped off by the unmistakably soulful voice of one MARILYN SCOTT.

ROCKWIRED first got to know MARILYN through her career retrospective HANDPICKED (2005) and with the release of INNOCENT OF NOTHING, we feel as if we've caught up with an old friend and are sure that the listeners and readers will feel the same way. Jaws will drop at SCOTT's stunning sense of songcraft on the tracks YOU DON'T KNOW ME, THE LAST DAY and DON'T LET LOVE GET AWAY. You'll be entranced by the spin she puts on classics such as THELONIUS MONK's ROUND MIDNIGHT and BOB DYLAN's IT'S ALL RIGHT MA (I'M ONLY BLEEDING).

Illness delayed the interview ( MARILYN had an cold and I had an ear infection at 30), but ROCKWIRED got a chance to speak with MARILYN. This is how it went.

To be honest with you, I didn't thnk this interview was going to happen. I had an ear infection on Monday and it's just now going away?
I don't get too many of those but I did kind of experience an ear ache when I was sick. These colds are getting worse. It's like they're lasting longer. Everybody seems to be having the same kind, so it's not just me.

I tend to think that with all this news about bird flu going around, people have it in their heads to look for symptoms. Like when I had my ear infection, the back of my mind was Bird Flu. It's all in our heads.
The Avion flu won't be something in our heads if it does mutate to the  human. That's going to be a world changing event. Let's hope that doesn't happen.

I hope not either.
It's so possible. It's a good thing to know about it because it makes you really feel like living the whole day and doing the things that you really want to do. I'd probably be on the list where I wouldn't survive.

Well the older people and really young kids will go, if it ever hits.

You're not that old!
They say that the people who would probably survive it will be between the ages of 20 and 40.

I didn't know that.
Obviously, you're in better conversation than I am after being sick.

How did it begin for you? Music, I mean.
It goes back to me being a kid singing stuff like MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB. Most kids love music, but for some reason, it really stuck with me and it was something I kept going towards and I never looked back. Back when I was in college studying art, I was playing in bands the whole way through, so there was no going back.

What artists got to you?
I think that most musicians like all music and they gravitate to things that move them and thats the way we're attracted to music whether i tbe country or classical or whatever moves you or gets to you. The music that got to me the most growing was pop music just because I was young and that what you listen to when you're young. Back then, pop music meant R&B and blues and it included a lot more than it did later on. I was exposed to a lot of people that I love like ARETHA, BETTY CARTER, ETTA JAMES and all of the other blues sings and instrumentalists. It's a lot of people.

I love the CD INNOCENT OF NOTHING. Explain the title.
It means that I'm guilty. I'm guilty of the things that I do and I'm not sorry for it. I might have a lot of tastes and I'm include them all and I may do things a little differently from a typical jazz vocalist. I just hope the CD has enough variety that attracts  listeners.

And from INNOCENT OF NOTHING are there any tracks that stand out for you as favorites?
Often times I am closer to a song or two that I've recorded. We wrote most toht ematerial on this album and I wanted to make sure that it was something that I wanted to say.  With this CD, I guess I like everything. I loved all of the musicians who played on it and the moments that we had making the music, but to answer you're question, I can't pick a favorite. Not really.

Explain if it's explainable the creative process.
Usually, lyrics manifest themselves in very poetic way and then they evolve into a song. It starts with getting ideas about a melody and getting with other people that you think will be a good match for the song. It's a funny little process but it's the artists way.

That's right. you studied art in college.
I was an art major. My concentration was in commercial art and sculpting.

You released your first CD back in 1979
Yes, DREAMS OF TOMMOROW. It was a jazz fusion type of record. JAMES STROUD produced it. He's a big country producer now.

In looking at your bio sheet and I'm noticing there was a gap between 1986 and 1991.
That was one of the low points where I couldn't get a deal. I went from MERCURY to this label in JAPAN which is where I released the album SKY DANCING. From there I went to WARNER BROTHERS. They kind of threw me a life jacket.

And now you're with PRANA ENTERTAINMENT. Is that your own label.
No, it's my managers label, but they're like family so it's kind of mine, in a way.

I showcased another artist from that label.
Chris Pierce?

Yes. Great guy! I was reading about the PRANA ORGANIZATION which you co-founded.
We started the NO ROOM FOR HATE campaign. We raised money for these classes for children on how to love your brother, on how to love your neighbor and to not judge people. it was a great little initiative that we did.

You also raised money for the HURRICANE KATRINA victims.
We did. We felt really compelled and hopefully I can do something with this new CD and do a little more for those folks because we can't forget them and there's so much to be done. We have to stay on it.

Are there any live shows on the horizon?
We're working on it. It'll be around the summertime. Things are lining up and I can't wait. These new live shows are going to follow th release.

What do you want someone to walk away with after hearing your music?
I'd like for them to dig the energy that we captured. Honestly, It's hard for me to say what I want people to walk away with. I'd like them to enjoy where it's coming from. The music we've made speaks to the issues that we all face. There is something here for everyone.