JULY 11, 2012


This questions goes out to everyone. The EP DELLUSIONS IN TECHNICOLOR is about to get it's release. Is anyone feeling anxious at all?
LiSA: I'm really excited!


PJ: We're just waiting for the mastering to come back to us. Right now we're at that point where all of the mixes are done and we're waiting for the egg to hatch.

Your CD Release Party isn't too far away.
LISA: We are going to release it on i-TUNES first then have the CD ready for the release party. The location and date  of which is TBA but  it is definitely going to be a good time. We kind of have a really cool venue in mind and  if we can lock it down it will be pretty insane.

Who all did you guys work with in terms of production for this CD?
LiSA: We did a lot of the recording at PSYCH STUDIOS with RICH GAGLIA and we did some at DIAMOND DROP with GEORGE MARSHALL.  As far as mixing and engineering, our guitarist TONY PARIS did all of that. Once things were together we all stepped in and listened to everything
before it went off  to mastering.

Talk about the genesis of this band. How did it all get going?
DANiELLA: LISA and I were in a band a couple of years ago. We've been playing together since high school when we actually decided to form a band when we were playing tin cans and strings and  stuff. The band that we were in kind of fell apart and she moved on to a different band and met TONY.

LISA: Yeah, we both actually met under strange circumstances. The band that we were in together was so not our genre. It was very adult contemporary and we just found ourselves in the same room going "What are we doing?" but put out a great CD anyway. As we were moving on  we decided to do something that was more about our roots and where we came from and instead of just trying to put together something that was just rock and alternative we kind of wanted to incorporate a little bit of our background of liking house music and create something that wasn't the norm and didn't sound like everything else that was out there. We spent so much time listening to the radio and while there is a lot of good stuff out there the essence of rock - especially in New York - seems to be like dead essentially.
We wanted to put something together that was going to be different and that we would want to listen to as well instead of the same ten songs that you hear on the radio all of the time. Me and TONY decided to give this idea a try and we met with DANIELA and we started writing As soon as the first album was recorded musically, PJ popped in and was like "What's up guys?"

PJ: Pretty much! I heard there was this band that left their studio unlocked so I walked in and saw the Marshall amps and and all this equipment and as I was trying to put all into my giant bag LISA walks in and she was like "Who the hell are you?" and I told her that I just wanted to sing with you guys so I put the Marshall stack back. I came in to rob the place and ever since, I've been with the band

This next questions goes out to TONY and PJ specifically, what was it about this project that drew you to it?
PJ: We just kind of jammed and everybody is just all over the place. The band is really eclectic and everyone flexes their own muscles. Everyone is bringing their own stuff to the table.

DANIELLA: It is a weird mix but it works.

TONY: and the lack of anyone saying "I wanna sound like this band" is a relief. I've been in lots of other bands and that band starts to sound like a mock up of what everyone else is influenced by

PJ: We're not trying to sound like MUMFORD AND SONS or like AVENGE SEVENFOLD. Everybody in this band kind of throws out their own stuff and the willingness and the openness of this band is what drew me to it. TONY likes because he gets to wear less.

TONY: Exactly!

Talk about how music began for each of you.
DANIELLA: Basically, I met LISA in high school. I've always had a love of music and there really weren't any girls in our high school that were playing any instruments.  We decided we were going to pick up instruments and start a band ourselves. We started out doing high school talent contests and stuff like that. We kept going at it and got better and better and evolved more. That is pretty much how we started.

TONY: Mine is weird.  Basically there was this one  Christmas Eve when I wanted a tape recorder and my father was like “You wanna play guitar?” and I was like “sure!” So he buys me a guitar. The first month I had it I blew up the little amp that he got me. This was very very cool! I got into orchestra at school instead of guitar they made me take violin and I ended up getting a scholarship in it. I hated it. One thing led to another. I've played guitar violin, a little bit of bass and keys and here we are today.

PJ: In high school I spent a whole lot of time seeing bands at this local teen center. A lot of theater also fueled my itch for the stage. When I was a teenager I saw this great DEFTONES show at this warehouse in Connecticut when I was 16. There was something about the  energy coming from that band. It was something I wanted.

LiSA: I think we've all had moments like that – that moment in time where you go this is what I want to do. I was an athlete in college on a scholarship and after I saw this one show everything changed.

What songs off of the EP resonate for each of you the most and why?
LISA: That is a good question!

TONY:  The song AFFLUENZA was going to be last song on the EP because it just wasn't coming out right, but I like it because it doesn't sound like anything that I can put my finger on. It's that signature song. I can't say this is metal or this is alternative. For me it would be that song

LiSA: I would have to agree with that actually. I'm the reason why it's the first song against TONY's better judgment. AFFLUENZA just has this vibe about it.

DANiELLA: I'm gonna have to say AFFLUENZA also. It was this stupid two second sample that I had found that I really liked. Everybody in the band took it to a higher level than I ever thought it would be. It came out so great and every time I hear it it just hits me. I love the lyrics and what the song is about. DANCING IN OBLIVION is a song that I love rocking out to. It's a  fun song.

PJ: SEWING SHADOWS is my favorite of mine. For me it's the most personal song. It's the  most sincere and naked song on the EP

How are live shows going for the band at the moment?
TONY: At the moment we have lost ourselves in the studio for almost four months. We played one show in four months to get out of the rut of being in the studio. We didn't think that it would take this long to record. Right now we are in the process of booking a bunch of shows for April May and June.

What would each of you like someone to come away with after they've heard this EP?
TONY: Would like for someone to walk away thinking "Hey I heard something different here!" This something completely different and hooky and I hope it sticks int heir head.

DANiELLA: Yeah, I'd have to say I would want someone to walk away and have one of the choruses stuck in their head.  Whether it's a phrase or part of a melody. I don't care what it is.

LISA: I want someone to walk away thinking Wow the music really drew me in  but as I was listening I could totally relate. No song has any one interpretation. If someone can take a song and rock with the groove and personalize the lyrics for themselves. I think that would be awesome.